Friday, July 1, 2011

Mercedes-Benz M - amazing SUV Class

We are all well known vehicles for Mercedes. Manufactured Mercedes luxury, comfort and strength. You can find these three things, all under one roof. In addition, perhaps one of the world's most successful Mercedes automobile manufacturers. Mercedes has a different market place. Unique to the market and make Mercedes cars, people are proud to ride. These cars give excellent results in all conditions and scenery.

In this article, the Mercedes M-Class sport utility vehicle is not going to talk about the size of the middle class Mercedes M. (SUV). Too in the light of the ability of the Mercedes M-class off-road. This SUV was launched in 1998. Have contributed to the Mercedes M-class players in the world of Mercedes-making. After Germany, the largest sales markets are the United States and Mexico. He compared the size of the category, if the GL. During the period 1999-2002, the Mercedes M-class, first place for the European market in Graz, Magna Steyr in Austria have been built by.

Mercedes M class, there are two types of models. Mercedes W163, built in 1998 and 2005 - one of which is M. Another category, Mercedes W164 from 2006 AD to the present. Each model from Mercedes-Benz offers a wonderful journey with excellent results. This model, Mercedes-Benz four-door SUV, front engine and AWD is. Thanks to this feature, we promote more comfortable with the class model Mercedes M. Great opportunity for the Mercedes M class, this is the first SUV is a vehicle stability control features are available. You can detect loss of control of the car and the car automatically, thanks to this feature. It also supports the car using the brakes to the selection and return to the path that you want.

Mercedes-Benz M - W163 initially Tuscaloosa, Alabama, has assembled in the U.S., Graz and after several hours, occurred in Austria. This is a 2.3 L I4, I5 2.7 L, 3.2-liter V6, 3.7 liter V6, equipped with various types of machines, such as the 5.5-liter V8 and 5.0-liter V8 and 4.3-liter V8. In this model, you find a five-speed automatic 5-speed manual and two types of transport systems. In the United States has the potential to fuel 22 gallons. Different models of Mercedes W163 M - Class, ML320 ML350, ML430, ML500, ML550 is the ML55. ML230 4-cylinder models are also available there. ML230 CDI ML400 CDI diesel models in Europe. The implementation of these tasks in the best model for all models, and converted to AMG ML55 ML55.

W164 2006 - launched the updated M-Class. Wheels have a Mercedes-Benz M-Class sport. This model is a lot of things have changed quite different from previous versions. M. - It also appears in this model is slightly different category than the previous model, this model is 155 more than the previous model. Canada won the Car of the Year award in 2006. In this model, style, all of which have a sporty look. Wheels give the appearance of great athletes. Another important improvement is the engine. The new model has four valves per cylinder, 3-valve engine replaces the previous model.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV successfully. Different body parts, wheels, headlights, grille, body design is perfect, and all things. This model is the 1998 Motor Trend Truck. He was elected to Show at Detroit's North American International Auto Truck in 1998, North America Year. In general, we will fill the Mercedes-Benz M SUV category, you can say it comes with amazing features.

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