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SPECIFICATIONS reviews Aston Martin One-77

Luxury car maker Aston Martin to claim their exotic supercar One-77 is a car with a powerful engine in the world. Cars Aston Martin One-77 new generation will be launched next year.

efforts Aston Martin One-77 is claimed to be capable of spraying the latest up to 750 hp and they think is the most powerful class.

British car manufacturer's claim is certainly surprising. For the fastest production car, the Bugatti Veyron which already has a strength of more than 1000 hp.

Even the American muscle car, Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 Super Snake in 2011, is capable of achieving up to 800 hp power.

Aston Martin One-77 alone has the power to that of capacity 3.7 liter V12 engine capable of spraying power 750 bhp with 553 lb-ft of torque. This figure is claimed to be greater than the Pagani Zonda Cinque 681 bhp supercar strong or even the only Pagani Zonda R is specifically used in the circuit.

And despite the relative value of insane, that is, reaching 1.2 million pounds, or around Rp 16.7 miliarm believe 77 Aston Martin One-77 units that will make their return will be sold out sold.

"One-77 is now closer to reality to be produced and of course there is great joy in this project. Now the next step is to do all the details to complete the repairs and composition. I know at the end of this car will show what the Aston Martin team was able to create , "said CEO Dr Ulrich Bez Aston Martin Aston Martin's official website on Wednesday (22/09/2010).

Shipping a car is by Ulrich Bez will begin in 2011. And now at least 100 billionaires are lining up to get the most luxury car Aston Martin.

One of them is wealthy buyers from the Middle East. Remarkably, he bought 10 units at once.

SSC Ultimate Aero Reviews

From needs to come ingenuity. I like how some engineers insist on using ancient technology and design to create the world's fastest production car out though to modern techniques. That means they American people are proud to do it.

Let's start with the basics - look. They are a complete ripoff of Diablo Lambo, from 1990. Obviously it works. Using a V8, although handbuilt, with pushrods and (!) twin turbos. Once again, it works. And so we're clear; Shelby Super Cars (SSC) has nothing to do with Carroll Shelby built the legendary Eleanor II. Finally, not a dangerous SSC logo looks like one of Koenigsegg? What one family than another peak?

SSC Ulimate Aero claim not a car kit though looks a bit like one, and according to Jay Leno, he felt like a Le Mans racer.

The man sells his record SSC Ultimate Aero on eBay claiming that the other lords, who also Veyrons himself, who was impressed with the ride "comfortably lot and give the driver a complete feeling of being in total command of what they want the car to do" Please allow me now to quote something I read in Top Gear: ". when it was just a fantastic engineering, it's about as comfortable as the head-cracking poke you in the eye with a .44 Magnum. "

Convertible Car Reviews Ferrari Released Early 2009

Italian sports car manufacturer, Ferrari, will introduce a convertible car (the roof can be opened), the latest on events Paris Motor Show in October.

This is the first convertible Ferrari car that uses a retractable hard top system or use a hard roof with a system of open and closed electrically. Ferrari convertible car before using thick fabric is more elastic when folded.

As reported by Reuters, called the California car will carry the V8 engine as used in the model F430 Scuderia. The car with two seats are to accelerate from speed 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds.

For you fans of the products The Horse new now-ira capacity can think what California has to offer, because Ferrari has not given detailed information. However, according to some sources, California is somewhat similar to the F430 model, also named almost the same, 250 California, who last released in 1957.

Reviews of Audi A9-9

Observing the profile and the design of the Audi Sedan Sedan A9 main rival Porsche Panamera

The presence of the Porsche Panamera sedan coupe and Mercedes-Benz CL makes Audi worry about popularity. Recent news that appears they launched the sedan with similar specifications to kill the product from its competitors. The car in question is "Audi A9".

This car will use 4.0-liter V8 engine liter/W12 6.3 and using a framework which is a mixture of Alluminium and steel. Use of this material is expected to make a lighter weight Audi A9 so as to create the perfect acceleration. The key component reportedly using the modular longitudinal architecture design (MLB), where the concept has been popularized by the product Lamborghini Estoque.

Reviews 2012 Jaguar E-Type

Looking more closely Supercar Jaguar Type E redesigned for 2012 market

Price: $ 1,400,000

Once considered to be less successful in the marketplace, ultimately sports car "the Jaguar E-Type" will be redesigned and prepared for market in 2012. The decision was made? by jaguar seems very appropriate, since the 2012 market? will definitely bustling with supercar with the design and the latest car technology. Then the car will be made? more exotic and more sporty?.

Latest engine to a V8 E-Type Jaguar 2012 is responsive and has a capacity of 5000cc, the power generated by this machine is also very unusual that is 600 hp. The design is also not forget the body is made more aero dynamic, so that will help to achieve higher speeds. Acceleration of this car is good, because to reach speeds of 100 km / h only takes 4 seconds.

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The Lancia Ypsilon-9

This is Lancia Ypsilon first a City Car from Chrysler

Chrysler is an automotive manufacturer who came from America, recently they bought a car brand of English that is "Lancia Ypsilon". This car is famous for its great body design and looks tough. Chrysler's goal is for them to be more focused and received European automotive market.

Lancia Ypsilon hands of Chrysler would turn into a City Car, and has a target market in Europe with a total 1800 units. The car will have 5 doors including the baggage and the car will compete with other city car there. Bial no change New Lancia Ypsilon will be released in late 2011.

Alpha was released last price Mito

One of the main products in the UK, Italy ready automotive industry through market prices in May Mito Alfa, Alfa Romeo, was amended village

Gran Turismo and Lusso and replace the enemy, the name change has occurred in two models.

Furthermore, continued, Veloce and Quadrifoglio Cape Premier is the entry level, known as the exchange ensure that clover.

Prices are on the road (water) 1,4 dibanderol provide 8V or around 12,250 rupees. 174 million. Power 170bhp, 955 rupees, or 17 green Quadrifoglio MultiAir 1,4 TB between dimensions. 254 million.

Standards transactions (the Veloce) and Quadrifoglio Verde (alfalfa) increased for both versions. Cruise control, sport pedals, rear parking sensors and these plugins.

1,4 16V 95bhp progress and type of enemy types to replace the 78bhp engine power 1,4 8V: Comes in three types of Alfa Romeo.

Only Sprint 2 85bhp 95g/km energy and emissions of CO2 - both with 105bhp 1,4 MultiAir upholstery and a unique new type of training for the sprint, 1,3 JTDM it. This type of 1,3 16V 95bhp power at the engine.

Duty gets listed in the latest Geneva Motor Show has bronze metal. Version Information provided in the sprint and bronze in terms of progress.

This is the last price Risutoarufaromeo duty to apply from May 2011.
Progression of 1,4 8V 78 hp = 12,250 1,4 8V 78 hp progress
In the sprint race 1,4 8V-950 1,4 8V 12 hp
1.4 TB 1.4 TB MultiAir Sprint Sprint MultiAir 105 hp to 105 hp = 955 13
1,4 MultiAir special TB 1,4 TB to 105 hp to 105 hp = 155 15 Discount MultiAir
1,4 MultiAir transactions TB 1.4 TB 135 hp 135 hp = 950 15 Discount MultiAir
135 hp 1.4 TB of alpha MultiAir transactions TCT 135 TCT a MultiAir 1,4 TB Special hp = 250 17
1.4 TB of MultiAir hp 170 hp 170 1.4 Quadrifoglio MultiAir tuberculosis Quadrifoglio 955 17 Green Green =

JDTM 1.3 hp 85 Sprint 2 Sprint JDTM 1,3 - 85 = 2450 hp 14
1,6 JTDM transactions - transactions in 2120 bhp 1.6 JTDM - 850 hp 2120-16

Auto Car Insurance Best Price

If your car insurance expiring soon, most likely, you'll be sent a notification of an update. Most people will just renew their car insurance with their current supplier of car insurance is only for convenience.

However, they do not realize that when they do this, they lose a great opportunity to cut their car car insurance by 40% ... More about how to take advantage of large chance later.

When it comes to buying car insurance, there are some important factors to consider:

First, it is important to understand more about different variables that affect the price of automobile insurance premiums. Basically, these are variables that contribute to risk factors for automobile insurance contract. The higher the risk factor, the higher the premiums that a driver will have to pay.

car insurance suppliers are always trying to find the right balance between risk and price. For example, car insurance suppliers may decide to change the definition of auto insurance coverage so they can keep premiums low. So the driver may get lower car insurance contract price, at the expense of coverage. Which basically means that the driver is actually part of risk bearing, by not taking a car insurance contract that provides full and comprehensive coverage. But why should any wish to do so?

Many drivers assume (wrongly) that accidents only happen to other people. This false assumption is usually land people in financial difficulty in the event of an accident. And then there are some people who can not be bothered to check the definition of coverage in the insurance contract.

Maybe they are very excited about purchasing a new car that they forget all about the importance of the insurance contract. Typically, young drivers, or drivers who are impatient, more prone to this mistake that eventually can turn into expensive.

This report examines the risks that the general insurance car supplier to consider, and variables that affect the price of automobile insurance contracts. One of the variables as discussed, would be the definition of coverage. Towards the end of the report, you will find valuable recommendations on how to cut your car insurance costs as much as 40%.

Car Accident Statistics in the U.S.

A very common problem associated with all types of insurance, is that people sometimes do not believe that bad things can happen to them.

No one likes to discuss something bad happened, so there is a tendency to not give issues such as road accidents are many considerations, especially when one is excited about driving a new car.

However, usually when someone is more excited about something that they made a big mistake like taking a car insurance policy solely based on price alone. Let's look at some statistics road accidents.

o Each year, there are more than two and a half million casualties caused by road accidents in the United States.

o Of these, more than 40,000 were casualties, and close to 2 million people seriously injured.

Remember, these accidents occur every year in the United States alone.

There are many factors that affect the accident rate. Most of these factors relate to the driver, but the type and model of car also affects the accident rate. Private Cars are tested in a controlled environment for safety.

relevant authorities to disclose various safety statistics based on their findings. This is very helpful to a certain extent. But remember that road conditions in the real world are often very different from conditions in controlled laboratory environment. So expect some variance in statistics.

In general - a smaller, lighter car occupants built has a chance of 6% to 8% of deaths in a car accident two.

The car is built for safety, such as Volvo, halve that chance. These cars are usually more powerful, and has more security features. They are also heavier, and tend to consume more fuel.

The safest cars on the road so far is the Mercedes Benz S-Class, Jaguar XJ Series, and sport-utility vehicles (SUVs).

Road accidents also occur because of driver impairment. For some reason, the driver failed to assess and respond to the situation correctly, thus causing the accident. These reasons include poor vision, fatigue, excessive alcohol, or consumption of drugs.

What Influence Auto Insurance Rates Best?

As you can see, make and model of car and driver is a key element contributing to the risk factor. So car insurance suppliers tend to pay more attention to two key elements while removing quotes for car insurance contract.

Normally, car insurance suppliers to set classification by make and model car. But remember that although some luxury cars like Mercedes Benz crashed lowered incidence rates, that does not come much cheaper insurance. That's because these cars cost more money, and if any claims are filed, the car insurance company may have to pay large sums of money to pay off bills. So the value of the car is also considered.

For car insurance providers, the profile of the driver probably the most important factor of all. The only way to get an accurate prediction of the level of a driver's accident is to look at previous driving record. So a driver's personal driving history is important as well. An automobile insurance premium will cost more if a driver has a previous record of drunk driving or speeding violations.

In addition, the driver's age is also considered. Age of drivers who are also classified in different age groups. young drivers, usually between ages 21 to 25 tend to be more experienced. As a result, suppliers need cost car insurance premiums are higher for this age group.

Common Definition of Car Insurance Coverage

When examining each car insurance coverage definitions, you should look out for three things:

1. Who is covered?
2. What is covered?
3. What is the deductible and the insurance coverage?

There are three common types of insurance coverage definitions:

1. Liability Coverage

Types of coverage include injuries to others or death. In the event a third party filed a lawsuit against your liability coverage also provides some form of legal defense. If you find yourself without coverage of a liability in the lawsuit that serious happens, you may find yourself losing your assets. Having adequate insurance will help cover for legal costs and help protect your personal assets safe.

This is an important form of coverage because there is no limit to the amount of liability that may arise from road accidents. Legal and medical claims can certainly sky rocket to astronomical amount if a severe accident.

2. Physical Damage Coverage

Type of coverage covers your car, or a third party car, in the event of an accident. A comprehensive insurance contracts covering damage to your car if stolen, damaged by bad weather or even animals. definition will be included in your insurance contract car.

3. Insured and underinsured Motorist Coverage

Type of coverage includes when there are accidents involving property damage, but the negligent driver does not have enough (or not have) insurance to cover liabilities.

When reviewing your car insurance policy, also consider the different requirements of state law.

Your responsibility here is to find the right balance between the amount of insurance you need, and the premium you will pay. For example, you can reduce your premium cost by increasing the amount deductible for your physical damage coverage. If you can afford to pay high amounts for deductible, you may want to increase the deductible so the premiums are lower. In other words, by taking on more risk yourself, you can save more.

Reviews of Volvo Calls All Pirates To Join The Hunt

Volvo Car Corporation calls all pirates, scallywags and treasure fanatics to join The Hunt, the competition is in connection with the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End which opens in theaters on May 25. The company previously announced an online search for sunken treasure chest containing $ 50,000 in gold coins and keys to the Volvo XC90 luxury SUV will begin May 4 and the company challenged Canada and other applicants from 21 countries to find it.

Hunting Online is the second in Volvo's partnership with Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise and the first time the competition was open to Canada. Last year's program is limited to the population of the United States, Britain, Japan, Spain and Austria. Besides the U.S., Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom participated in The Hunt.

To join the Volvo Hunt, participants 18 years and older must visit a Volvo retailer to pick up a special pirate chart and register at any time between 4 May and 29 May. Once registered, participants sailing in the virtual high seas adventure and receive clues as they solve a series of online puzzles challenging and fun. People can join The Hunt at any time through May 29, and can catch up with other participants if they correctly answer the riddle posted online. As the contest progresses, puzzles will become increasingly difficult to solve.

On December 2, the first of 22 countries each participant to complete the online hunt will compete against each other in one final online challenge. To participate in global head to head, players will be asked to present the original pirate chart at the conclusion of The Hunt. Winners will be eligible only if they can generate graphs pirates.

The first of the 22 individuals to solve the final puzzle will be named winners and will receive a trip to the burial location to retrieve the chest filled with $ 50,000 in pirate gold and a key to a brand new Volvo XC90.

"Last summer, we had a treasure hunt to find the V8 Volvo buried XC90 to bind with the Pirates Disney's of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and fascinated by success - more than 100,000 participants from around the world to join," said Linda Gangeri, advertising manager of the national for Volvo Cars of North America. "This year, with more countries, more booty and all the early interest, we are very excited to sail." So, come join The Hunt! "

Volvo brand has built a reputation for comfort, safety and longevity. And the quality is absorbed in the XC90, luxury mid-size crossover SUV. This is based on Volvo P2 platform, shared with the Volvo S80 and other large. For this year's model, the XC90 which was updated to cover the fine accessory parts like Volvo fog lamps, restyled smooth front and rear, and a more comfortable interior.

According to Russ Rader, spokesman for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, U.S. study showed that Volvo's safety have been slipping. In addition, the Finnish Safety Technology Authority (TUKES) emphasized that the structure of the Volvo 440 and 460's produced between 1993 and 1995 had caused some cases of flare-ups during refueling. Dan Johnston, a Volvo spokesman, denied that the company's vehicles are any less safe than the Institute's top-rated vehicle. He said, "It's just a philosophy on security is different from building cars to pass tests of this kind."

In the review, Edmunds.com said, "XC90 is equipped with standard features Among them are dual-zone climate control, power driver's seat,. Steering wheel-mounted stereo controls, one-touch up and down front windows and roof rack (bar cross is optional). "However, he added," While around-town driving cause some problems, we found the engine tended to get out of breath while climbing grades, although it does not affect the altitude for a turbocharged motor is almost as much as naturally-aspirated. "

What is most like an overview of the vehicle is the fact that "a neat motion-controlled ride, ZF rack-and-pinion steering reacts and reads back faithfully, and the chassis feels stable and predictable."

But the best liner on the XC90 is spoken by Car and Driver. It says, AutoWeek "When a car company whose name means 'I roll' in Latin planned foray into the world sports car, you can bet there are some serious review of the problem." Further said, "Like gazillions national soccer mom, we have given up on crossoveritis. So much so we've added new upscale SUVs Volvo XC90, to fleet AutoWeek long-term"

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Mercedes _ Benz CLK

How many actors are there in the world? I’m counting everyone, from the “boy” in an amateur dramatic society’s performance of The Winslow Boy, to the Latvian teenager who appears only on webcams, covered in baby oil.

I’m counting people in Bollywood, people in French art house films, people at provincial Brazilian drama colleges. And if you do that, the number must be into the millions.

Some of them must be very good. It stands to reason. But they’ll never make it. The hand of fate will continue to deal them low diamonds and mid-range clubs until eventually they wind up teaching Stanislavski to self-harming inmates at Pentonville. Even those who make it to the top struggle to become Tom Cruise. The big-name star. The guarantee of bums on seats.

Take Christopher Walken as a prime example. He’s big, all right. He could get a table at the Ivy any time he wanted. And he’s also fabulously watchable. That gold watch scene in Pulp Fiction was, I think, the finest performance from any big screen actor since . . . well, ever.

But he still couldn’t fill a theatre. I mean, since Pulp Fiction he’s appeared in Kangaroo Jack, Engine Trouble, The Country Bears, Poolhall Junkies, The Affair of the Necklace, Joe Dirt, Jungle Juice, The Opportunists, Kiss Toledo Goodbye, Mousehunt and countless other movies that I can pretty much guarantee you haven’t seen. Since Top Gun, however, there isn’t a single Tom Cruise film I’ve missed. In fact there isn’t a single Tom Cruise film I don’t own on DVD. Of course Tom’s a fine actor. His performance alongside Dustin Hoffman’s twitchery in Rain Man was especially memorable. But is he better than Walken?

So it goes with all things, especially cars. Last week, after a hard day’s filming, I drove home in a new 3-series BMW. The Tom Cruise of motoring. The machine you would automatically choose if you wanted a well-made, reasonably sporty four-door saloon. And it was fine. But the next day an Alfa Romeo 159 arrived at my house. Now this is a car you would automatically not choose if you wanted a well-made, reasonably sporty four-door saloon. This is Christopher Walken.

Actually, that’s one of my less risible metaphors. Because in its long history of making cars, Alfa only rarely produces a Deer Hunter or a gold watch scene in Pulp Fiction. The vast majority of its offerings are complicated, silly and badly made. And as a result most go straight to the discount DVD bin at Blockbuster.

The thing is, though, with the exception of the simply appalling Arna, I’ve loved all Alfas. In fact I’ve argued time and again that nobody can be a petrolhead until they’ve owned one. It’s a rite of passage. Think of it as the great sex that leaves you with an embarrassing itch.

Take the old GTV6 as a prime example. I owned one once and it was a nightmare. The worst car I’ve owned. Deeply uncomfortable, spectacularly impractical and blessed with steering so heavy that navigating into a London parking space was like navigating a donkey into a budgie cage.

Then there was the complete lack of quality. Nothing worked. And when you got one thing fixed something else would break on the way home. Once it tried to murder me. The linkage from the gearlever to the rear-mounted gearbox fell off and jammed the prop shaft, causing a sound not heard on earth since Krakatoa blew up, and the rear wheels to lock.

But behind the oyster-like impregnability of its ergonomics and hidden in the sea of snot were two perfect pearls. The styling. And the howl from its V6 engine. In a tunnel, at 4000rpm, it was more sonorous than any music. It was like having your soul licked by angels.

In essence, then, Alfa has always understood what makes driving a thrill. But it has never been able to make a car. Well, not a car that a rational, normal human being might want to buy.

Think of them as underground German art films. Great for serious-minded critics but not quite in the same everyman league as BMWillis on an asteroid.

At first I thought the 159 would be more of the same. The boot release button is in the roof, just where you wouldn’t expect it to be, the electric windows have a mind of their own, and like the Fiat Grande Punto I reviewed last week, it couldn’t find or hold Radio 2. It could pick up pigs squeaking on Io, and Radio Leicester. But not Johnnie Walker.

These, however, are trivial faults. No more annoying in the big scheme of things than the iDrive in a BMW or the harsh ride you get on an Audi. Unlike Alfas of old you have to look long and hard in a 159 to find something deeply disturbing. But I found it, all right.

The greatest sensation of speed afforded to ordinary man is not on a go-kart or a rollercoaster. It comes when you’ve got the cruise control set at 70mph, the traffic in front is stopping and momentarily you can’t find the button to turn it off. In that hiccup of time it doesn’t feel like you’re doing 70mph. It feels like you’re doing three times the speed of light.

That’s why, in most cars, the cruise control “off” button is clearly visible and easy to use in a hurry. Not in the Alfa it isn’t. It looks like one of the pieces from a game of Risk and it’s mounted on a stalk just below and slightly behind the indicator.

So when the traffic ground to a halt on the M40 I bet the chap behind me was keen to know why I didn’t slow at all and then, for no obvious reason, suddenly indicated left. This, then, is proper swivel-eyed Alfa lunacy but it is the only thing in the car that’s truly wrong and there’s a simple way round the problem. Ignore it. Pretend it isn’t there.

But do not pretend the 159 isn’t there next time you want a mid-range four-door saloon because that would be a mistake. A bad one. First of all, it is exactly one million times better looking than a BMW 3-series. And with those triple headlamps, and perfect proportions, at least half a million times better looking than any rivals from Audi, Mercedes or Jaguar.

Inside, it’s even better. The driving position is spot on, the dials look like they’ve come from a Swiss watch and the quality of the leather, especially if you have it in red, gives the impression that it costs Rolls-Royce money.

But it doesn’t. A 159 Lusso, which is the luxury version, is £22,395. That’s about what BMW charges for a 320i SE, but Alfa gives you far more equipment as standard and lots more power as well. The 2.2 litre engine is a peach that just begs to be taken outside and given a damn good thrashing. Porsche engineered an exhaust rasp into the Boxster at 5000rpm to reward the sporty driver. Alfa hasn’t bothered. It just gives you a simple four-cylinder engine that, all on its own, sounds better and better until you’re up at 6500 when it sounds like a metallic werewolf.

You can pootle around slowly but somehow you tend to drive the 159 very hard and very fast. But the engine, torquey, powerful and smooth though it may be, is not the best part of this car. That accolade goes to the steering. It’s fast, sharp, more informative than the internet and more tactile than a freshly carved stone otter.

The handling is also sweet and yet the ride isn’t even slightly uncomfortable. Which means that the 159 drives and feels like no other car in its class. If you have even the faintest trace of petrol in your veins, if you are even on nodding terms with the concept of simple, good engineering, you should drive this car. Because it doesn’t matter what you have now, you’ll be smitten. I was.

This is one of those cars that’s demonstrably and appreciably better than any other mid-range four-door family saloon. And unlike any Alfa of the past, you don’t have to machete your way through a million inconveniences to find the point. This car does not hide its gold watch up its behind. It is an absolute gem.

Reviews Abarth "Tributo a Ferrari"

Asda good news about the automotive world, please read his review below, for you lovers of luxury cars.
Abarth 695 in Frankfurt, the world's first "Tributo a Ferrari." pulsing passion for performance details are based on the observations contained in the shared values? Abarth Italy,  relationship between the new Ferrari 500.

Abarth, the legendary Italian race with Ferrari is known around the world are the names of two adults and dedication have contributed to the conviction. In the world of motorsport, the drivers and company headquarters on the first tuner, and finally: a man and legend behind the brand, all certificates. These people are associated with an unusual history: in 1953, for example, two international competitions such as Mary legendary Mille Miglia, the car created a unique Ferrari 166/250 Abarth race. Relations with the waste disposal system designed specifically for Abarth cars built in Maranello and the two companies most: different models of Ferrari exhaust system, some of them won the world title.

Recently renewed collaboration between the two brands. And in this campaign, the results of the first car, "for use in the last few months Ousyuu Abarutodira Ferrari 500 is a set of numbers.

Now, the new 695 Abarth "Tributo" Ferrari considering, including movements in urban areas is not very effective Abarth cars, to expand the scope to provide customers with small flowers all Ferrari's motion for a small, practical needs, sports and luxury cars are preliminary.

New Abarth 695 "Tributo" Ferrari is the biggest change in how engineers and Abarutoferari developed by several changes. Machine in the first place, and 180 horsepower 1.4 T 16V Turbo - Level reduce the level of development is set to jet MTA (inspired by automatic or manual), the tournament blasphemy To take full advantage of the power transmission device when combined with.

It has been provided to improve acceleration, design inspired by the Ferrari car tire edge 17''aluminievi circle. The four second Pisutonkyaripaburenbo Mirime Torudisuku 284, you will use part of the bumper of comfort and safety you can enjoy the results: the suspension system has been upgraded to handle additional braking force.

Of course, the condition of variable pressure Monza dual exhaust sound system that is designed more fun, engine performance, 3000rpm rotational speed to increase

Car, carbon fiber wheels, rear door, outside Reddosukuderia gray finish a few races and back vents. Abarth is to reduce the vibration characteristics of a new all weather and the main beam, Xenon lights, which are equipped to improve performance. manufacturer Magneti Marelli's automated lighting, these elements are standard halogen lamps, thereby increasing the availability of more than three times the light.

Interior design, personal style, sports, and more information, representing the common interests of both brands. Low body weight (10 kg standard sheet) horizontally or vertically at a speed of military action against, the main elements of the body's ability to destroy a form of support - Kabonburakkushito, skin remains Abart "Basic sitting was finished, which provides a perfect blend of racing performance - a comfortable working environment , location and method.

Red MTA, a tricolor in the center held a special Ferrari quick to cover inspired by traditional heating. Also go to court attention to detail: to provide complete coverage of the foot sliding properly, please set the scorpion logo. Internal wave plate punch, determine the number of cars that are decorated with highly detailed.

Cadillac XLR - New Supercar

Cadillac is a very good luxury car in its class and below are reviews of Cadillac, please refer.
Maximum speed of 155 km per hour can be achieved in 5.7 seconds and 60 mph - Jaguar XK is a bigger engine a bit faster because of higher performance. Another competitor is the Mercedes Benz M 911 and included.

Cars & Lowe Worldwide, and looks great. In fact, only a fairly compact's 72.2 inches 177.5 inches long. Car, looks good, especially from the state. I like her very roof of the SLK's. Super car maybe not all - I have to be translated most of the bonds, "Metal" which I no longer see the top and The Guniborokireno. Weight, Kessler, aluminum, magnesium and store roof.

Good Output

It's also very: 6500 326 rpm and 4.6-liter Northstar V GM 4400 rpm in the 312 pound-feet (423 nm) horsepower - eight to be able to work a little trouble them - in the 360-350 hp is not difficult, it will become more attractive, obtained from the engine.

In any case, it is enough to give the car Hokuto most bones, DOHC aluminum block and heads with four valves per cylinder and courses. Variable valve timing and increase the distribution of energy.

Rear-mounted engine associated with five-speed automatic transmission - but most of them are six-speed automatic, is designed to provide a level of mathematical conversion of the five super cars in Europe. This box has a rear suspension, so the engine is good enough, back 50/50 / rear weight distribution of a front.

A new framework for the concept

GM's new sports car based on along with the Corvette, Kessler is a large amount of water problems, mild steel frame. Hydroforming changes introduced shape of the curve and very large, and change the section to the square, light frame. The body is aluminum and plastic composite body panels. This is a structure that can compete with many of these super cars.

This occurred despite the high level of light construction equipment is a small car, of course, has a much lower spec, higher than the Corvette, and more than 130 pounds only new cars Jaguar XK More health, £ 3,643 (1654 km), heavy machine .

Double Suspension

Suspension design, paper is familiar Corvette Furontodaburuuisshubon occasional rear springs. Resistance Roll - - The result is a simple, lightweight system that emerged from the roll stiffness to give big. The level of spring, so that gradually, almost as easily as iron is less than a bulge in the road. Front extension to the bar.

Furontodaburuuisshubon, to reduce the rear weight of aluminum, of course, in this paper, hot water, lighter included. This type of leaf spring - just a chair - is actually a very sophisticated technology, the wheel, if any, contained some clever production techniques.

A new variable damping constant, it is the type of management in sensitive electromagnetic speed and get more information on low speed.

Since this is a Cadillac, and equipped with high specification. In Europe, Navigation, Heated / cooled seats, Chairman of the call, and the adaptive speed control, is standard. Interior aluminum, leather, wood trim is very nice

On the road

The same concept Corvette, Corvette, people who want to ride, best thinking Kyaderakkukesura relaxed, and was built in the same factory.

Thanks to the good visibility of the columns of light roof, covering almost flat. As well as the Corvette, and tools that work well. Show only speed, but also chairman of the dial you right now is not easily denied. Sorry. I can help.

Not bad steering committee does not, Kessler and weight distribution, but most can be expected from this type, you start pressing once, by bad about the target market is on the steering wheel without a little earlier start to feel - super luxury sports car hard charging drivers. But the car does not corner as quickly as possible, neutral guide.

Automatic is good. Job development is a bad thing does not kick into very aggressive. There is also a manual mode. Press the lever to the left, among them, and to promote the retreat. It is actually in hand, works very well. When I reached your peak, some of them really will change the direction of mean. But no, until you're ready, you only can you stay there.

Overall,  two-seat luxury cars, Jaguar has been added to the ranks of our sport that do not meet the criteria for the XK, Aston Martin, V8 no. 10 - includes consideration  and Serbia and other, more powerful Corvette.