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All You Need to Know About Chrysler

Maxwell Motor Company was reorganized by Walter Chrysler Corporation Chrysler on June 6, 1925. In January 1924, the well-received Chrysler model was launched by Walter Chrysler. It was a six-cylinder car provides customers with an advanced car, smart engineering at an affordable price. This model includes a Chrysler original carburetor air filter, high compression engine, full pressure lubrication and oil filter were absent in today's cars.

The hydraulic brakes on all four wheels completely innovated and designed by Chrysler with patents assigned to Lockheed. Also implemented rubber mounts to reduce engine vibration, a road wheel with a knurled edge to maintain a flat tire to fly off the wheel. This safety wheel was carried out later by car manufacturing companies worldwide. After their 1925 model year run, the Maxwell name was removed from the company. Later, in 1926, the low price of 4-cylinder Chrysler, which were basically introduced Maxwell had been redesigned and renamed. During this time, Walter Chrysler assumed the presidency of Maxwell and the company was incorporated under the name Chrysler. The Chrysler Corporation traded under the symbol C in the New York Stock Exchange.

The German carmaker Daimler-Benz AG headquarters bought Chrysler and its subsidiaries in 1998, the formation of the combined entity Daimler-Chrysler AG. Under this collaboration, the company was named Motors, DaimlerChrysler Company LLC, but the U.S. operations the company refers in general to the Chrysler Group. On May 14, 2007 80.1% of Chrysler Group was sold to U.S. private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management and began to be known as Chrysler LLC. Daimler continued to hold 19.9% ​​share until August 27, 2009. At that time, Daimler AG signed an agreement with Cerberus Capital Management, to waive the remaining bets and pay $ 600 million auto pension funds.

On April 30, 2009, Chrysler LLC announced the plan for an alliance with Italian automaker Fiat. He said Fiat initially will have 20% stake in Chrysler Group LLC, which has an option to increase by 35%. Following the acquisition of the participation of Fiat and Chrysler restructuring plans, said Fiat and Chrysler plan Lancia to develop products together. Fiat wanted to share some of their vehicles produced. In October 2009, Oliver Francois, CEO Lancia, took over as CEO of the Chrysler. The main marketing plan based on Fiat's condition and the market demand for some vehicles Chrysler will be sold as Lancia, and vice versa. Fiat seeking to establish the Chrysler brand as a luxury brand. Lancia Delta Lancia's first car sold under the Chrysler brand at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

Chrysler officially has the status of vehicle manufacturers thirteenth largest in the world, according to OICA in 2008. The total production of Chrysler vehicles was about 1.89 million, more than two thirds of which are light commercial vehicles. It is situated in front of and behind BMW Daimler AG. By 2012 Chrysler will receive a new full line-up after update, redesign and reengineering of all cars and trucks, changing engines and the creation of vehicles adapted to the needs of people.

Comments of The Car and Skeptical Journalism

When we hear "car reviews" words to think of the comparative tests, investigations, technical details, advantages and disadvantages of a car model. People are more interested in reviews of the car when you are about to buy a vehicle. This is an important decision for the potential buyer because the car can remain in his / power for many years. In fact, statistics say that buying a car is the second largest expense for many people. In developing countries, the situation is even worse than that, like choosing a car insurance is often a lifetime commitment to these people. Under these circumstances, reviews of cars are a necessity. No car to buy without consulting your review.

Car reviews are useful for all types of customers, who are simply interested in buying a cheap car with good gas mileage to those who are primarily interested in design and comfort. For all these people buying a car can look like a very difficult experience, as the car market is enormous and the lack of experience can become a serious drawback. Needless to say, anyone interested in buying a car should follow the latest news from the car to keep up with what's new in this vast and complex field. However, car reviews can not be found on television every day, do not appear in the newspapers. On the other hand, specialized media, such as car magazines that are published weekly or monthly is possible that the revisions to the car you need when you need them. Therefore, a good source of automotive reviews accurate and reliable is the Internet. Automotive Blogs are full of information and cars and many other related topics. Plus, you get more than statistics or official figures, as people like you have published their observations or facts of personal experience of blogging car. Sometimes, this beats all revisions of the car.

As mentioned before, there are many sources of news and reviews of the car. The problem is that some of them may not be as reliable as we think and this can be harmful to consumers. There are times when the interests of certain companies in the way of providing consumers with honest advice. Much of the criticism is a must have for revisions of the car. However, skeptical journalism is proof that the best interest of the consumer 's is at the top of the list of priorities. Car magazines have a lot of reviews of the car, because that is his line of work, but rarely point to possible failures of cars.

Everyone will agree that in car magazines or television programs, revisions to the car sounds a little too good to be true. You can check out the latest automotive news in magazines and on television, but as far as reviews are concerned, you should only trust what you see with your own eyes. This can be a bit difficult at times, but fortunately, we live in an age of technology, and see for yourself, it is now possible online. If a car reviewer discusses some of the less attractive features of a car determined, there is a real chance to see them through multimedia. Criticism is equal to the bad publicity, so when it comes to magazines or TV, there's a good chance that consumers will be deprived of their right to be informed honestly and correctly. Therefore, the Internet remains the most reliable source of news, both for cars and car reviews.

The Paris Motor Show - Is the Electric Car Take The Cake?

This year's edition of Paris Motor Show is probably more "green" so far. But since we're talking about a car show-fledged gas guzzling supercars are still the main attractions. Dozens of press conferences, inaugurations of both concepts and new models are already being manufactured, triumphant speeches and talks on the crisis in the industry - all mix under the roof of the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

And if it is environmentally friendly is what you're looking for, then walk no farther than Renault exhibit. The French manufacturer seems to have the cake when it comes to green cars that actually work in the real world: the ZOE, Fluence ZE and Kangoo ZE electric cars are filled with zero emissions. And if you talk about electric cars can not go forward without mentioning ION small Peugeot and Mitsubishi MIEV.

But not all manufacturers was completely zero emission electric cars. BMW, Mercedes, Citroen and Volkswagen are waging a battle against pollution, trying to make their current engines cleaner and more fuel efficient.

However, one has to admit: the supercar with hundreds of horsepower under the hood still the dream of every driver. Everyone was looking at electric cars, but only take pictures of the brilliant style road rockets like the Audi R8 GT, Mercedes CL63 AMG and the Maserati GranTurismo GT. I mean, honestly, who dreams of a cruise on winding mountain roads in the electric Smart ForTwo?

California Tesla Motors Sedan Limit

Along with the factory, Tesla Motors headquarters will also be built brand new company, ensuring that the automaker remains close to its roots in California. Tesla was founded in San Jose in 2003, but had considered moving to New Mexico in the state offered an attractive incentive package. The new facility is located just twenty miles away from its current location.

In California, the state will have to offer a reduction of rent for ten years and have agreed to waive the sales tax on the car when it will occur, at least for California buyers. Instead, Tesla Motors will create up to 1,000 new jobs to the manufacturing plant and headquarters in combination, clearly something that will help the technology industry in Silicon Valley.

In early 2008, Tesla Roadster, finally succeeded in producing exquisite, a car that is based on a line of Lotus in the UK. That the silent rocket car occupants from zero to sixty in just 3.9 seconds while providing a beautiful range 245 miles for each charge. Powered by a state of the art lithium ion, the $ 98,000 Roadster is a real head turner, just the sort of car that takes a lot of excitement in the green market.

As for the Model S is Tesla Motors is not saying much about the car yet. We know they want to build up to 15,000 units per year and sell each car for about $ 60,000. Tesla is targeting the premium manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, Audi and to position the model S, which is expected to seat five adults. A mile range is expected similar to the model S, which is expected to enter production in late 2010.

With the Model S, Tesla did not expect to wait. Talking about the inclusion of a small gasoline engine to extend its scope, the style of the Chevrolet Volt, has been aired something that could broaden the appeal of the car to include people who want to take their sedan for long trips. As it stands now, the Roadster is recharged when it runs out of juice, an overnight task that currently limits the range of the sports car.

2008 BMW 3-Series

Best Car Lease Deal - 2008 BMW 3-Series-The BMW 3-series appears to be a mixture of this entry luxury sports coupe, sedan and convertible class and serves as a reference point for these types can not be beaten. The ingredients for this is as follows: The power is produced by his good straight six-cylinder operation. One of these six is ​​set with 300 horsepower and 300 pound feet torque. It also has mold and proportions of the classic coupe and sedan. The BMW 3-series can give you the smooth ride quality with the responses of an autocross car. These cars can also boast of its support posts.

These cars are American best seller and has been considered the favorite for many reasons. One is that it is well built and has a form of world-class design for your lifestyle needs, enough energy, and offers a ride like no other. Car editors agree that the BMW 3-series can have a luxury accommodation while enjoying the weekend emotions on uneven terrain.

With its 2008 version, which has undergone a complete and thorough redesign. The latest version of the cars are bigger, heavier and faster than their 2007 designs. They have also come up with a bold look and a better suspension and brakes and a larger interior space.

The Series 3 has been getting a lot of thumbs-ups from reviewers car. "There are many worthy competitors in the category of entry-luxury these days and more people all the time, but the three kept at the head of the group," said U.S. News.

The Chicago Tribune calls the sedan "a performance machine for those who consider driving an art."
Of course, there are negative comments about the series 3. Most respondents agree with Automobile Magazine that in the interior of a BMW 3-series car has a cabin that is filled with technologies that are not really reliable and sometimes extravagant.


Volkswagen Golf MK6

Why Buy a Volkswagen Golf MK6? There are many car companies in Europe, of which there are a few that have really won the hearts of people because of the quality of the products that have been sustained over time. Among some companies in this way, the Volkswagen Group is one. This company has built its name in the niche market, and becomes the automobile since the days of Adolf Hitler. The company has kept really what its name means people's car. The German automaker has brought the variety of cars world of those who have loved and praised by people around the world.

In 1974 the company introduced its new car, the Volkswagen Golf. Since that day, this particular model has sold over 20 million units. That can be attributed to the characteristics of the car comes with. Recently, the Paris Motor Show in October 2008, the company showed the latest model of Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Golf MK6. And at the same time, the company also announced publicly that the team has won 20% increase in fuel efficiency in new engine compared to the car ancestor, the MK5.

Volkswagen Golf MK6 happens to be built on the same platform on which the Volkswagen Golf MK5 is built, the PQ35. Although MK6 is a new model, there are notable differences among the very few MK6 and MK5. If you look closely, you will find the architecture in general and the door frame with the face of emissions. The new car has improved in section wheelbase and roof of the vehicle, along with improved suspension mechanism. After all these, the predominant reason for buying used Volkswagen Golf cars, especially MK6 version would be for the fact that increased fuel efficiency.

If you can find any Volkswagen Golf MK6, which would certainly be a lot. In fact, this car is very good for security. Euro NCAP has been rated 5 stars as it passes all tests in the front and side crash, and this is mainly because the car is equipped with seven airbags to protect passengers from all sides.

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Jaguar XJ220 Impressive Reinvents New R8 Beater

An excellent news for Jaguar fans this week as Auto Express magazine Britain revealed that the company intends to reinvent the legendary XJ220. The magazine, regarded for its new car spoons, says a new and spectacular mid-engine sports is being developed by Jaguar as a rival to the Audi R8.

While the concept is rejected by Jaguar, the magazine says the car will make its debut at an exhibition of major international motor in the next 18 months - indicating that plans must be already well advanced. In a nod to the brand icon, E-Type, the two-seater is tipped to be badged the XE, heralding a return to the crudest, sporty look of the heritage of Jaguar.

However, this is not the first concept Jaguar thought to be fixed to the plate. Last year there was speculation that could adorn a Porsche Boxster convertible coupe rival groups sitting under the XK range.

Plans for a rival R8 marks another major step in the rebirth of the company of its model range to date.

XFR breaks the record of

The revelation comes as the sporty version of the new Jaguar XF model has broken the speed record company.

In a graphic demonstration of the progress made in car design and engineering since the early 1990, an upgraded four-door sedan XFR to a top speed of 225,675 mph at Bonneville Salt Flats, going even faster than the record 217.1 mph set by the XJ220.

Rumors that the minor events to the XFR exhibit hall that led the car to make his debut recording on the road as a model hot XFR S.

With a price lower prices than the BMW M5, XFR flagship is set to be hard to beat a set at the top of the sector saloon.

Looking ahead

Jaguar had a mixed year in 2008, the launch of the highly praised new XF model and see the UK sales increased nine percent, while many other luxury car brands against a fall in sales.

However, this success was overshadowed by the news late in the year of widespread closures in Castle Bromwich plant in the company and job losses. With the current focus of the company's development of its new XK and XF models, and the launch of a brand new luxury sedan due in 2010 XJ, XE is not likely to be seen in the showrooms before 2012.

Audi Expansion Probably Include U.S. Assembly Plant

German luxury Audi is growing by leaps and bounds. In 2010, the brand sold more than 100,000 units in the U.S. market profitable, but the competition, his best year. Audi still trails its German rivals BMW and Mercedes, selling less than half of what they sell in the United States, but the brand is to close that gap.

Audi has much to celebrate in addition to record sales. In the North American Auto Show Detroit 2011, Audi A6 sedan 2012 won "Best Production of vehicles," one of several prizes will be awarded certain that this new style sedan. The 2012 model goes on sale in the spring of 2011.

The booming demand

The Audi product demand has been a boon for parents of Volkswagen AG, but presents a problem for the automaker. That problem is the U.S. abilityassembly which is currently zero. Past operated a Volkswagen assembly plant in Pennsylvania, closing in the 1990s as the problems of demand and pursued as to the operation. In the spring of 2011, a completely new assembly plant will go online in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but only build the Volkswagen Passat, a midsize sedan. There is no production capacity of the United States means that Audi has to import 100 percent of their vehicles, unlike BMW and Mercedes plants operating in South Carolina and Alabama, respectively.

Audi leads to the production in the United States will have to deal with the vagaries of exchange rates between the euro and the dollar. Automakers that build in the United States have some advantages for those who do not, avoiding currency fluctuations for some models at the same time building good will with the Americans who prefer to buy domestic models.

Notice of delay

Audi had hoped to announce a U.S. plant, but that decision may be several years away from happening, with several more years added on top of that, Audi shopping for land, negotiates with the United competiting tax exemptions, breaks ground, hire staff and begin the installation. In fact, Audi, Rupert Stadler, CEO says Automotive News in January 2011 that the decision would be made within four years, which could mean that a plant to be operational in 2020.

At the same time, Audi continues to enjoy demand and finding a way to make the cars and the price competitive with other luxury brands such as Infiniti, Cadillac, Lexus, Volvo and Acura. Whatever the decision is close to Audi, the delay is not possible to thwart the demand. European luxury car fans know that there is a choice, as well as Mercedes and BMW, and that option is apparently worth more than 100,000 buyers of new cars.

BMW E70 to Find Parts and Upgrades

The X5 E70 is a versatile car, which has attracted a lot of people who normally would not be the average of BMW Driver. As a result, did not really get the same kind of people like the smaller, more nimble cars, and that means that the market for modification is much less vibrant. Ultimately, many spare parts companies do not pay attention to the E70, at all! This can leave, if you own one, frustrated and ample choices. Do not be afraid, there is still hope, especially now that the X5M E70 is now available!

The large and well known Tuners

Great tuners like AC Schnitzer, Hartge, Hamann, even in 3D and design will always make a complete "program" (a line of action, aerodynamics, wheels, suspension, brakes and interior parts) for all BMW cars, although the SAV are made in South Carolina did not Spartansberg, Germany! Despite their parts are often quite expensive, sold each of them individually, and so you can buy whatever you want for your E70 X5 one of these large tuning companies. In terms of improvements in the suspension is concerned, the big brands like H & R & KW come with options for every car on the market - so you should have no problems. You should also note that some of the pieces made for the X5M will fit your car, for example new Vorsteiner carbon fiber hood vented race fits the X6, X6M, X5, and X5M. This is great news, because if it were not for the X6M (a very athletic, enthusiastic, focused on car), Vorsteiner never would have made a chapel for the X5!

The OEM + route

If the path does not work great tuner, you can always choose to make subtle changes, like updating specific components of the original parts of the X5M, or improving taste the original parts. For example, you can install an OEM kit X5M Body as a non-M car, or maybe the steering wheel, etc, provided they do not put the badge on the car X5M, it will not be frowned upon as "posing!"

The universal mount path

There are a number of pieces on the X5 (levers, pedals, tires, filters, etc.) which are shared with other models, and the mode bits made market for cars can also be used in the SAV. Talk to a specialist familiar with this, who is sure that the pieces fit. You do not want to go back!

Custom Route

If all that does not satisfy the mod bug itch, you can always find a great body shop, muffler shop, or a tuner, and no limit. You can weld a custom exhaust, make a front bumper once your original bumper or even extend throughout the car for you.

Although many of his favorite tuners can choose to ignore the X5 E70 as a viable market niche, there are still a number of options, and you should not feel frustrated! Use this as an opportunity to express themselves and do something fresh and original.

BMW X5 xDrive35d - 2010 Trial

BMW X5 xDrive35d - 2010 Trial-Diesel engines are awaited is now available in the United States. Europe had more diesel powered cars and diesel refined and clear is that they are here too.

The X5 35d is a car of this type that can handle the situation of sudden acceleration. The diesel engine can compete up to 5000 rpm, when the team moves to the neutral position before pressing the rev limiter.

The engine is quieter than most users expect from a diesel car. The power delivery is pretty good because the torque comes on hard and fast. Drivers generally do not have much to complain about the car's launch and acceleration, but diesel engines are very low in the power of gasoline engines.

The BMW X5 xDrive35d is very comfortable and most importantly more efficient than the TDI Audi Q7 and the Mercedes-Benz GL350 BlueTec. It is also less expensive. The X5 35d is more fuel efficient and offers a rate of about 19 miles per gallon city and 26 mpg on the highway.

The car offers good acceleration to 5000 rpm. The acceleration in gears is moderated by power-tap sharply. The BMW is more powerful than the other cars, since it is able to respond smoothly and quickly just by adding an extra fuel. The driving experience is to be a good place because the car does not make the trip very smooth. The trip seems to be soft, while the transmission is quite transparent. While the direction seems to be quite heavy at low speed, but is excellent in its own way. The sunroof really makes this car more attractive, especially in Michigan. It is very difficult to get a sunny day in the city of freezing and when the drivers get not want to miss it while driving.

The interior of the X5 is designed according to the expectations of BMW buyers. Although we can say that the interior has become almost on time, as they are down in recent years, the look is impressive. Visibility is good and the driver can feel the car is not bulky and heavy, while the controls.

The diesel car engine is a little stronger, but the turbo is amazing and combines the perfect car in traffic and in fact may involve the danger of speeding. The driver must be careful because the car glides smoothly at high speed with the push of acceleration.

Power Failure Steering Pump

Power Failure Steering Pump - Or is that the steering rack?-Has the direction of his car to stop working suddenly? If so, it could be that the power steering pump has failed. The same unit can be shot or it could be a loss of steering fluid through a hose evil that is causing the problem. However, it is better to address the problems now or will soon be struggling with the handling of a car that seems to be working against you, not you.

Before pump failure becomes evident, usually hear buzzing or hissing noises coming from under the hood. On the other hand, if you notice a gradual loss of power as evidenced by an increasingly difficult to move the steering wheel [as when trying to parallel park] or if you notice the problem the first time you start your car in the morning, and then the steering rack can be happening.

Steering racks not gradually, but when they do they should take action before total failure occurs. Otherwise, control of your car becomes impossible and failure could occur at any time, as in those times is on the interstate. A real threat to their safety and the safety of other drivers!

To find whether it is the steering rack causing the problem, check the power steering fluid closely to see if you notice small metallic pieces of metal floating in it. If you do, then your steering rack done and metal parts are evidence that the frame is falling apart slowly.

Either way you look, you can expect a repair bill looming important to you. Not the news you want to hear, but not the news they have to listen well. Yes, taking your car to your local garage or repair department dealer cost him dearly. You will pay a fortune for the work and pay a premium for a replacement steering pump or steering rack. The high cost of enormous labor and parts price mark-ups are part of the equation.

Fortunately, if you're even something useful you can do either job yourself. Many weekend mechanics love grabbing a hold of their Haynes repair manual and spare part at his side, to go after work. Of course, when you buy the replacement part really matters, but strong savings can be gained if you shop online. Yes, wholesale auto parts such as steering rack professionals have what you want and at deep discount prices. Online reputation wholesalers buy directly from manufacturers and pass significant savings for you. There is no charge dealer at no charge to third parties. Always low prices only on the parts you want and need.

So go ahead and replace the power steering pump or steering rack today and save big on labor costs and replacement parts. Not much better in life to do a job yourself and get a strong sense of satisfaction when you know you have successfully completed a challenge and saved a lot of money in the process.

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The Most Sought After Vehicles in 2010

According to a report by the Highway Loss Data Institute - an independent nonprofit that tracks vehicle insurance claims and losses - for every 1,000 of these vehicles on the road, about 6 to 11 have been stolen, broken into, or have had parts removed from them.

Of the 10 vehicles in the 2010 list, seven of them qualify as trucks or SUVs. Although most of these vehicles have the latest anti-theft devices technology, remain hotly targeted by thieves eager to get in the market for illegal resale.

The new security features "will not stop a determined thief from loading a car on a flatbed truck," said Russ Radar, news of the Institute of the means of contact.

Here's the breakdown of 2010, in descending order, with some obvious choices and a couple of surprises. The rates are per 1,000 vehicles.

1. Chevrolet Tahoe - 5.8

Since the list is the Chevrolet Tahoe, one of the best-selling trucks in the U.S.. The Tahoe offers better fuel economy over its competitors, and the Tahoe hybrid can cost about $ 65 thousand. The Chevrolet Tahoe also won an award from consumer guides such as Best Buy, unfortunately, also one of the most stolen.

2. GMC Yukon XL - 6.0

The 2010 GMC Yukon XL is an excellent choice for families who need a full-size SUV with maximum towing capacity and cargo capacity. Its large size is also attractive to car thieves, with about 6 of every 1,000 stolen.

3. Hummer H2 - 6.2

The Hummer brand and there is still a popular choice. The most cost-attractive H3 came out in 2006 has not been as interesting for thieves as a great way beast H2. A selection of fashion and sports figures of hip-hop, the H2 is a pleasant walk for those who acquired it legally.

4. Nissan Maxima - 6.5

The first sedan to get to the list of Nissan Maxima. The 2010 Maxima is ranked 16 out of 21 midsize cars luxury U.S. news. Despite reports of poor consumer use, Maxima sport with different equipment packages make it one of the most fun to drive cars in its class.

5. GMC Sierra Crew Cab - 6.7

Gate 4, 6-passenger full size GMC truck is one of two top 10 most stolen trucks in 2010. The pick-up is often the subject of its versatility and its use in other crimes. Trucks and vans are easy to clone and made to look like legitimate tool or delivery vehicles, so a target for criminals.

6. Infiniti G47 Coupe - 7.1

Website of Infiniti calls this car "effortless in his joy and intense seduction." It is a vehicle, right? The bold styling and sleek, this sports car can attract ogles most unscrupulous sets of eyes.

7. Chevrolet Avalanche - 7.4

Another big boy on the way, the Avalanche, technically considered as a crossover sport utility truck, has the appeal of storage capacity options and a full size truck with the features and airy interior of a luxury SUV. An expensive vehicle, from about $ 40 000, the avalanche is in the top ten list for the first time.

8. Dodge Charger - 7.4

Equivalent to the avalanche of 7.4 per 1,000 stolen from Dodge "muscle" car, the charger, the charts at number 3. Its sporty design and driving force of high-strength back make it one of the hottest cars to steal.

9. Chevy Silverado - 8.0

The Silverado is reasonably priced and reliable, making it one of the trucks purchased by there today. With so many on the road, you would realize that some of them would have to be stolen, right?

10. Cadillac Escalade - 10.8

Our defending champion is Cadillac Escalade. The giant luxury SUV has been the top of the list since 2002, and there seems to be going anywhere before, reaching double figures with the amount stolen per 1,000. Starting at $ 60K and goes up to about $ 200 000, this luxurious SUV is difficult to secure, but easy to steal.

BMW M3 Vs Ford Mustang GT Coupe

When purchasing a new or used car, some of the most important information is in the vehicle specifications. These numbers - things like the height of power, torque and ride, will ultimately determine how well a car will perform on the road.

Of course, a driver can investigate all the numbers they want, but it means nothing until the car on the road. Often, car performs better or worse than the numbers indicate initially. The driving experience can also be very subjective. A driver may want a smooth ride over all, while another likes to feel the vibration of the seat, opening the motor. Many factors contribute to self-correct.

Fans of American muscle cars will argue that there is nothing like sitting at the wheel of a Mustang. BMW purists, for their part in boosting the speed of light and rides a smooth M3 Coupé. For years, Ford cars the firm could not compete with its European rival. But now, with a complete redesign of the Mustang line, MotorTrend felt it was time for a 2011 Mustang GT to the track and the evidence against the BMW M3 Coupé.

With both equipped with V8 engines, the Mustang edges slightly M3. While the coupe has 2 more horsepower (414-412), the Mustang has a better power to weight ratio (8.8 "pounds per horse" to that of M3 8.6), ie their horses to work a little more and make it a little faster. Although both cars posted a 0-60 time 4.4 seconds, the Mustang beat the M3 in races longer straights. However, that does not mean anything in a real track, with turns involved. This battle could not be resolved for the moment.

To keep things fair, cars can be driven in two different styles. Inexperienced drivers opting for the electronic stability control and other tools to aid driving, while professionals turn those off and do things manually. So the news source had two different drivers attempt to lap on the track - the writer and a professional car racing champion, Randy Pobst.

In the end, the cars were equal. The "average" driver managed a faster time with the Mustang in about half a second, while the pro for the M3 by.09 seconds. The M3 costs a little more fair, but the choice ultimately comes down to what a driver for a vehicle - both are machines that can handle any track.

Either way, the prices of these bad boys set drivers back a bit, so you might want to wait a few years until the models hit the market for used cars before making a decision. But if drivers want to get behind the wheel now, you can probably find a used late model Ford or BMW your local dealer today.

Review Toyota Yaris

The front-wheel drive Yaris is available as a hatchback (three doors or five doors) or a four-door sedan, all offered in an adjustment of the base. The Yaris is powered by a power 106 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission and a four-speed automatic is optional. The hatchback and sedan were designed separately and have subtle differences inside and outside, but have similar standard content. The adjustment of the base comes standard with P175/65R14 tires on steel wheels, cloth bucket seats, and manual tilt wheel steering, antilock brakes and six airbags.

2010 Toyota Yaris

Reveiw Toyota Yaris 2010-The front-wheel drive Yaris is available as a hatchback (three doors or five doors) or a four-door sedan, all offered in an adjustment of the base. The Yaris is powered by a power 106 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine is mated to a five-speed manual transmission and a four-speed automatic is optional. The hatchback and sedan were designed separately and have subtle differences inside and outside, but have similar standard content. The adjustment of the base comes standard with P175/65R14 tires on steel wheels, cloth bucket seats, and manual tilt wheel steering, antilock brakes and six airbags.