Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reviews 2012 Jaguar E-Type

Looking more closely Supercar Jaguar Type E redesigned for 2012 market

Price: $ 1,400,000

Once considered to be less successful in the marketplace, ultimately sports car "the Jaguar E-Type" will be redesigned and prepared for market in 2012. The decision was made? by jaguar seems very appropriate, since the 2012 market? will definitely bustling with supercar with the design and the latest car technology. Then the car will be made? more exotic and more sporty?.

Latest engine to a V8 E-Type Jaguar 2012 is responsive and has a capacity of 5000cc, the power generated by this machine is also very unusual that is 600 hp. The design is also not forget the body is made more aero dynamic, so that will help to achieve higher speeds. Acceleration of this car is good, because to reach speeds of 100 km / h only takes 4 seconds.

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