Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cadillac XLR - New Supercar

Cadillac is a very good luxury car in its class and below are reviews of Cadillac, please refer.
Maximum speed of 155 km per hour can be achieved in 5.7 seconds and 60 mph - Jaguar XK is a bigger engine a bit faster because of higher performance. Another competitor is the Mercedes Benz M 911 and included.

Cars & Lowe Worldwide, and looks great. In fact, only a fairly compact's 72.2 inches 177.5 inches long. Car, looks good, especially from the state. I like her very roof of the SLK's. Super car maybe not all - I have to be translated most of the bonds, "Metal" which I no longer see the top and The Guniborokireno. Weight, Kessler, aluminum, magnesium and store roof.

Good Output

It's also very: 6500 326 rpm and 4.6-liter Northstar V GM 4400 rpm in the 312 pound-feet (423 nm) horsepower - eight to be able to work a little trouble them - in the 360-350 hp is not difficult, it will become more attractive, obtained from the engine.

In any case, it is enough to give the car Hokuto most bones, DOHC aluminum block and heads with four valves per cylinder and courses. Variable valve timing and increase the distribution of energy.

Rear-mounted engine associated with five-speed automatic transmission - but most of them are six-speed automatic, is designed to provide a level of mathematical conversion of the five super cars in Europe. This box has a rear suspension, so the engine is good enough, back 50/50 / rear weight distribution of a front.

A new framework for the concept

GM's new sports car based on along with the Corvette, Kessler is a large amount of water problems, mild steel frame. Hydroforming changes introduced shape of the curve and very large, and change the section to the square, light frame. The body is aluminum and plastic composite body panels. This is a structure that can compete with many of these super cars.

This occurred despite the high level of light construction equipment is a small car, of course, has a much lower spec, higher than the Corvette, and more than 130 pounds only new cars Jaguar XK More health, £ 3,643 (1654 km), heavy machine .

Double Suspension

Suspension design, paper is familiar Corvette Furontodaburuuisshubon occasional rear springs. Resistance Roll - - The result is a simple, lightweight system that emerged from the roll stiffness to give big. The level of spring, so that gradually, almost as easily as iron is less than a bulge in the road. Front extension to the bar.

Furontodaburuuisshubon, to reduce the rear weight of aluminum, of course, in this paper, hot water, lighter included. This type of leaf spring - just a chair - is actually a very sophisticated technology, the wheel, if any, contained some clever production techniques.

A new variable damping constant, it is the type of management in sensitive electromagnetic speed and get more information on low speed.

Since this is a Cadillac, and equipped with high specification. In Europe, Navigation, Heated / cooled seats, Chairman of the call, and the adaptive speed control, is standard. Interior aluminum, leather, wood trim is very nice

On the road

The same concept Corvette, Corvette, people who want to ride, best thinking Kyaderakkukesura relaxed, and was built in the same factory.

Thanks to the good visibility of the columns of light roof, covering almost flat. As well as the Corvette, and tools that work well. Show only speed, but also chairman of the dial you right now is not easily denied. Sorry. I can help.

Not bad steering committee does not, Kessler and weight distribution, but most can be expected from this type, you start pressing once, by bad about the target market is on the steering wheel without a little earlier start to feel - super luxury sports car hard charging drivers. But the car does not corner as quickly as possible, neutral guide.

Automatic is good. Job development is a bad thing does not kick into very aggressive. There is also a manual mode. Press the lever to the left, among them, and to promote the retreat. It is actually in hand, works very well. When I reached your peak, some of them really will change the direction of mean. But no, until you're ready, you only can you stay there.

Overall,  two-seat luxury cars, Jaguar has been added to the ranks of our sport that do not meet the criteria for the XK, Aston Martin, V8 no. 10 - includes consideration  and Serbia and other, more powerful Corvette.

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