Sunday, May 29, 2011

Reviews Abarth "Tributo a Ferrari"

Asda good news about the automotive world, please read his review below, for you lovers of luxury cars.
Abarth 695 in Frankfurt, the world's first "Tributo a Ferrari." pulsing passion for performance details are based on the observations contained in the shared values? Abarth Italy,  relationship between the new Ferrari 500.

Abarth, the legendary Italian race with Ferrari is known around the world are the names of two adults and dedication have contributed to the conviction. In the world of motorsport, the drivers and company headquarters on the first tuner, and finally: a man and legend behind the brand, all certificates. These people are associated with an unusual history: in 1953, for example, two international competitions such as Mary legendary Mille Miglia, the car created a unique Ferrari 166/250 Abarth race. Relations with the waste disposal system designed specifically for Abarth cars built in Maranello and the two companies most: different models of Ferrari exhaust system, some of them won the world title.

Recently renewed collaboration between the two brands. And in this campaign, the results of the first car, "for use in the last few months Ousyuu Abarutodira Ferrari 500 is a set of numbers.

Now, the new 695 Abarth "Tributo" Ferrari considering, including movements in urban areas is not very effective Abarth cars, to expand the scope to provide customers with small flowers all Ferrari's motion for a small, practical needs, sports and luxury cars are preliminary.

New Abarth 695 "Tributo" Ferrari is the biggest change in how engineers and Abarutoferari developed by several changes. Machine in the first place, and 180 horsepower 1.4 T 16V Turbo - Level reduce the level of development is set to jet MTA (inspired by automatic or manual), the tournament blasphemy To take full advantage of the power transmission device when combined with.

It has been provided to improve acceleration, design inspired by the Ferrari car tire edge 17''aluminievi circle. The four second Pisutonkyaripaburenbo Mirime Torudisuku 284, you will use part of the bumper of comfort and safety you can enjoy the results: the suspension system has been upgraded to handle additional braking force.

Of course, the condition of variable pressure Monza dual exhaust sound system that is designed more fun, engine performance, 3000rpm rotational speed to increase

Car, carbon fiber wheels, rear door, outside Reddosukuderia gray finish a few races and back vents. Abarth is to reduce the vibration characteristics of a new all weather and the main beam, Xenon lights, which are equipped to improve performance. manufacturer Magneti Marelli's automated lighting, these elements are standard halogen lamps, thereby increasing the availability of more than three times the light.

Interior design, personal style, sports, and more information, representing the common interests of both brands. Low body weight (10 kg standard sheet) horizontally or vertically at a speed of military action against, the main elements of the body's ability to destroy a form of support - Kabonburakkushito, skin remains Abart "Basic sitting was finished, which provides a perfect blend of racing performance - a comfortable working environment , location and method.

Red MTA, a tricolor in the center held a special Ferrari quick to cover inspired by traditional heating. Also go to court attention to detail: to provide complete coverage of the foot sliding properly, please set the scorpion logo. Internal wave plate punch, determine the number of cars that are decorated with highly detailed.

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