Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Volkswagen Golf MK6

Why Buy a Volkswagen Golf MK6? There are many car companies in Europe, of which there are a few that have really won the hearts of people because of the quality of the products that have been sustained over time. Among some companies in this way, the Volkswagen Group is one. This company has built its name in the niche market, and becomes the automobile since the days of Adolf Hitler. The company has kept really what its name means people's car. The German automaker has brought the variety of cars world of those who have loved and praised by people around the world.

In 1974 the company introduced its new car, the Volkswagen Golf. Since that day, this particular model has sold over 20 million units. That can be attributed to the characteristics of the car comes with. Recently, the Paris Motor Show in October 2008, the company showed the latest model of Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Golf MK6. And at the same time, the company also announced publicly that the team has won 20% increase in fuel efficiency in new engine compared to the car ancestor, the MK5.

Volkswagen Golf MK6 happens to be built on the same platform on which the Volkswagen Golf MK5 is built, the PQ35. Although MK6 is a new model, there are notable differences among the very few MK6 and MK5. If you look closely, you will find the architecture in general and the door frame with the face of emissions. The new car has improved in section wheelbase and roof of the vehicle, along with improved suspension mechanism. After all these, the predominant reason for buying used Volkswagen Golf cars, especially MK6 version would be for the fact that increased fuel efficiency.

If you can find any Volkswagen Golf MK6, which would certainly be a lot. In fact, this car is very good for security. Euro NCAP has been rated 5 stars as it passes all tests in the front and side crash, and this is mainly because the car is equipped with seven airbags to protect passengers from all sides.

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