Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2008 BMW 3-Series

Best Car Lease Deal - 2008 BMW 3-Series-The BMW 3-series appears to be a mixture of this entry luxury sports coupe, sedan and convertible class and serves as a reference point for these types can not be beaten. The ingredients for this is as follows: The power is produced by his good straight six-cylinder operation. One of these six is ​​set with 300 horsepower and 300 pound feet torque. It also has mold and proportions of the classic coupe and sedan. The BMW 3-series can give you the smooth ride quality with the responses of an autocross car. These cars can also boast of its support posts.

These cars are American best seller and has been considered the favorite for many reasons. One is that it is well built and has a form of world-class design for your lifestyle needs, enough energy, and offers a ride like no other. Car editors agree that the BMW 3-series can have a luxury accommodation while enjoying the weekend emotions on uneven terrain.

With its 2008 version, which has undergone a complete and thorough redesign. The latest version of the cars are bigger, heavier and faster than their 2007 designs. They have also come up with a bold look and a better suspension and brakes and a larger interior space.

The Series 3 has been getting a lot of thumbs-ups from reviewers car. "There are many worthy competitors in the category of entry-luxury these days and more people all the time, but the three kept at the head of the group," said U.S. News.

The Chicago Tribune calls the sedan "a performance machine for those who consider driving an art."
Of course, there are negative comments about the series 3. Most respondents agree with Automobile Magazine that in the interior of a BMW 3-series car has a cabin that is filled with technologies that are not really reliable and sometimes extravagant.


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