Thursday, November 3, 2011

1999 Volkswagen Jetta Review

Slipping behind the wheel of the new Volkswagen Jetta and the German penchant for attention to detail is immediately evident.The 1999 Jetta is a perfect example of why this world-renowned reputation is well deserved and is sought after by potential buyers.

The simple act of closing the doors can become habit forming.The solid "ca-chunk" of this activity brings a confidence of knowing that you made the right decision in purchasing this car.Volkswagen wanted to update the Jetta without losing character of the car, and it seems as if this goal accomplished.The new Jetta provides excellent accommodation for the driver and passengers without becoming ostentatious.The Jetta can be equipped with the way you want with plenty of comfort features creature.

On the road, travel either interstate or sporty driving along a country road favorite, please.A Jetta new body structure is much stiffer and has made it possible for VW engineers to design a MacPherson / multi-link suspension that gives the Jetta a smooth ride while providing excellent handling ability.Slip the VR6 6-cylinder engine into the mix and you have yourself a quick and agile sports sedan.

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