Monday, November 28, 2011

Jaguar XJ220 Impressive Reinvents New R8 Beater

An excellent news for Jaguar fans this week as Auto Express magazine Britain revealed that the company intends to reinvent the legendary XJ220. The magazine, regarded for its new car spoons, says a new and spectacular mid-engine sports is being developed by Jaguar as a rival to the Audi R8.

While the concept is rejected by Jaguar, the magazine says the car will make its debut at an exhibition of major international motor in the next 18 months - indicating that plans must be already well advanced. In a nod to the brand icon, E-Type, the two-seater is tipped to be badged the XE, heralding a return to the crudest, sporty look of the heritage of Jaguar.

However, this is not the first concept Jaguar thought to be fixed to the plate. Last year there was speculation that could adorn a Porsche Boxster convertible coupe rival groups sitting under the XK range.

Plans for a rival R8 marks another major step in the rebirth of the company of its model range to date.

XFR breaks the record of

The revelation comes as the sporty version of the new Jaguar XF model has broken the speed record company.

In a graphic demonstration of the progress made in car design and engineering since the early 1990, an upgraded four-door sedan XFR to a top speed of 225,675 mph at Bonneville Salt Flats, going even faster than the record 217.1 mph set by the XJ220.

Rumors that the minor events to the XFR exhibit hall that led the car to make his debut recording on the road as a model hot XFR S.

With a price lower prices than the BMW M5, XFR flagship is set to be hard to beat a set at the top of the sector saloon.

Looking ahead

Jaguar had a mixed year in 2008, the launch of the highly praised new XF model and see the UK sales increased nine percent, while many other luxury car brands against a fall in sales.

However, this success was overshadowed by the news late in the year of widespread closures in Castle Bromwich plant in the company and job losses. With the current focus of the company's development of its new XK and XF models, and the launch of a brand new luxury sedan due in 2010 XJ, XE is not likely to be seen in the showrooms before 2012.

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