Friday, November 18, 2011

What Makes a BMW Special?

BMW is known for its technology and design. The style and reliability of these BMW cars make them stand out from the rest. So what makes BMW cars some of the most efficient and stylish on the planet?

The more efficient fuel injector:

You may note that the power and emissions are both influenced by the fuel injector. The power of any vehicle should be maximized, while minimizing emissions. To achieve this condition, a fast burning fuel is necessary. This is where BMW technology excels. They have made a small way valve needle that injects the fuel under high pressure force in the port of entry. The fuel is atomized, together with the oxygen of the air allows the fuel burns rapidly and deliver the energy required to drive BMW. The fuel injection system contributes to the high power available on BMW cars.

The BMW ignition coil

BMW engines working on the principle of other engines of conventional spark ignition. However, the spark plugs produced by a BMW requires a high voltage electric charge. This high voltage electrical charge is placed at the disposal of the candles with the help of the ignition coil. The spark plugs are used in high voltage BMW to improve startup performance (the engine can be started immediately in all weather conditions). The ignition coil works on the principle of induction. It takes the power of the battery and transforms it into thousands of volts. This high voltage is necessary for maximum effectiveness of the plug. This type of ignition coil is the specialty of BMW technology.

BMW thermostat

The thermostat used in a BMW is another important part. This device is capable of both measuring and controlling the temperature of the motor car. In order to control the thermostat will continuously monitor temperature changes in the engine. This works to prevent engine damage from overheating.

The BMW oxygen sensor

The BMW part that monitors the condition of the vehicle exhaust is the "oxygen" sensor. This measuring device provides information about the quality of the exhaust gas mixture that allows the fuel injection equipment to modify the air-fuel ratio to optimize performance. Adjustments to ensure efficient combustion of fuel. The better the fuel burns the higher the performance of your BMW car.


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