Thursday, November 17, 2011

Electric BMW Will Cost Less Than Electric Opel

Buying a BMW i3 will be cheaper to buy an Opel Ampera-German automaker BMW has interesting plans for the pricing of its new electric vehicle. The popular car maker intends to begin offering its electric model BMW i3, which will be launched in 2013 to a very competitive sales price. This was announced by BMW boss Norbert Reithofer.

Therefore, it seems that BMW i3, is going to be cheaper than you can expect from this German manufacturer of automobiles. It was in an interview with a German magazine (Handelsblatt) BMW chief Norbert Reithofer reveil the car will be available in less than € 40,000 in the German market.

This would make it much cheaper than the Opel Ampera, an electric car to compete in today can be bought for € 44 500 in the market. Because the BPM does not have to pay for this electric vehicle in the Netherlands, the price in the Dutch car market will be very similar to the prices of cars in Germany.

For now, however, the exact configuration of the prices of other European car markets have not been announced. It will also be a while before prices and / or details of the American market version will be released.

How is the car manufacturer BMW offers its electric vehicles at a competitive price?

In Europe, the car manufacturer BMW is known as a prestigious and luxurious. Make a habit of not compete on price. In addition, the BMW i3 is expected to be much more expensive due to high amounts of carbon fiber that is processed in the electric vehicle. So how is the automaker can offer their electric vehicles at a price lower than the Opel Ampera?

Well, the manufacturer decided to create a new carbon fiber factory in the town of Moses Lake American to produce models of i-car manufacturer BMW. Until now, the carbon fibers were mostly handmade, which accelerated prices significantly. These fibers are made in the U.S., after being further processed in Germany. Finally, the materials are transformed into CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) BMW factories.

With the help of the factory in the United States, the carbon fiber production costs as much as BMW aluminum production does. Therefore, the automaker is able to launch electric cars in this very competitive price. But we'll have to wait for its release to see how customers will react BMW vehicle and lower pricing.

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