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2011 Car Reliability - Best Cars from Consumer Reports

Because they are newer models like the Ford Fusion, every year, Consumer Reports, if the data are limited, the predicted reliability of the model vehicle based on the reported results from operations for the past three years. Small cars up / luxury cars and luxury family car, small SUV or minivan, SUV model mid-size car SUV luxury, pickup and has been provided below assumes a serious problem due to lack of the CR.

In the small car category, Toyota and Honda, took control of the vehicle. Top 5 small cars of 2011 are as follows.

The four-door hatchback Toyota Yaris sedan or two sections
Honda Fit, a four-door hatchback
Toyota Scion XD, four-door hatchback
Honda Civic Coupe
Honda Civic Sedan.

For comparison, the midpoint of the reliability of these car models 2010 and 2009 model year 2006.2007,2008 (GPAS):

Toyota Yaris Hatchback: 4.00 Perfect
Honda Fit: 4.00
Scion XD: 4.00
Honda Civic Coupe: N /
Honda Civic Sedan: 3.50.

In the family car category, the Ford Motor Company, will take the load in 2011 from scratch, predicted reliability. They are as follows.

Ford Fusion Hybrid
Ford Fusion V6 engine and front wheel drive.

GPAS reliable car models in 2010 are as follows.

Ford Fusion Hybrid: 4.00 (based on data from just a year old)
3.75: The Ford Fusion V6 and FWD.

/ Luxury luxury cars for every four people in the list, with Honda and Toyota category. They are as follows.

Honda, Acura RL,
Honda and Acura TL
Toyota, Lexus 250 sedan with rear-wheel drive
Toyota and Lexus ES.

Year, GPAS is as follows.

Acura RL: 2.67
Acura TL: 3.25
Lexus is 250 RWD: 2.50
Lexus ES: 3.50.

Two of the above are very conservative.

This year, the list of luxury cars / fame is GPAS both last year's perfect 4.00 in 2010, Ford, Mercury Milan and four-cylinder is no Lincoln MKZ.

Division of large vehicles and light trucks, V6 the best front-wheel drive Toyota Sienna. Reliability of the GPA in 2010 Sienna front wheel drive, four years is a modest 3.00.

Ideal for five small SUV.

Honda CR - V
Toyota RAV4's V6 engine
Mitsubishi Outlander
Toyota RAV4 4-cylinder engine
Subaru Forester turbo engine.

In 2010, the last four years than the model best GPAS and are as follows.

Honda CR - V: 3.75
And the Toyota RAV4 V6: 3.40
Mitsubishi Outlander: 3.00
Cylinder Toyota RAV4 4: 3.75
Subaru Forester turbo engine is: 4.00.

Cylinder RAV4 and Honda CR-4 - V, respectively, and 10-year average GPAS outstanding 3.88 and 3.63.

Medium-sized models are as follows: Top 5 SUV.

Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Highlander 4-cylinder engine
Toyota Highlander V6 engine
Hyundai Santa Fe V6 engine
Nissan Pathfinder.

In 2010, the last four years than the model best GPAS and are as follows.

Toyota Land Cruiser: 4.00
Cylinder Toyota Highlander 4: N /
Engine Toyota Highlander V6: 3.75
Engine Hyundai Santa Fe V6: 2.75
Nissan Pathfinder: 1.67.

Toyota Highlander V6 is a 10-year monopoly, which means a GPA of 3.94. Pathfinder is a very thin data prevents an accurate assessment, the average GPA is better than jumping in 2010 show.

Luxury / prestige of the best 3 are as follows.

Toyota, Lexus LX
Honda and Acura RDX
Honda, Acura MDX.

In 2010, the last four years than the model best GPAS and are as follows.

Toyota's Lexus LX: 3.67
Honda Acura RDX: 3.33
"Honda" Acura MDX: 3.50.

Lexus LX is a great way MDX 2010 from an average of 3.79 years of 10 years is a more modest 3.31.

5 one of the best pick up truck

Toyota Tundra V6 engine and
Summit Honda
Borders of the drive wheels April 02
Engine on the Ford Ranger two-wheel
Toyota Tundra V8 engine and four-wheel drive.

Combs last notable success from $ 3.75.

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