Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Review of the 2012 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus 2011 was a very good car, mileage compact, affordable and decent 25 mpg city and 35 on the road. The model 2012 is much better? In fact, it really is. For the year 2012 has significantly improved the mileage by 28 mpg city and 38 mpg on the highway. If you decide to purchase the optional SFE can achieve 40 mpg on the highway. These are some solid numbers!

Some changes have been made for 2012 in a vehicle is new and improved. The suspension received a thorough review and as a result more accurately fits. A new chassis has also established a support system and added curves to facilitate the handling of money fast on the road. The new model also has serious technological advances. Touch My Ford is available that allows you to change songs on the CD player, adjust audio volume, receive cell phone calls and receive traffic information instantly by using your voice. Many traffic accidents occur daily due to distracted drivers and this feature allows you total control of the functions of your car, while keeping your hands on the wheel. If fuel economy is important to you, then surely the update for the SFE model. The engine produces low emissions due to the direct injection technology.

The engine is a 2.0 liter four-cylinder with 140 hp and 146 pound feet of torque. If you prefer a sportier drive, and then choose the Titanium package. This includes the slick tires, 18 "summer tires low profile and a tighter suspension a long list of safety features are standard, such as seat belts that fit the height of a control-wheel drive passenger , and a camera that lets you see what's behind. are strong pillars in place, that the additional protection in case of accident, the pillar of variable thickness along its length and is stronger in areas where is required. In addition there is also a LATCH system, which allows parents to keep children safely restrained in their seats.

The cabin has enough room to accommodate five people and comes with a CD player on the board. A tilt and telescoping steering wheel is in place that can be adjusted to the driver's preferences. Other standard features include a rear defroster, tinted glass and light a deterrent to theft radio. The overall look is very contemporary and slick thanks to all the advanced technology equipment and instruments, lighting controls inside. Space in the trunk of the sedan is 13.2 cubic feet, while the sedan has a much larger trunk 44.8 cubic feet.

Prices start at $ 18,790 for the base model. What makes the Ford Focus a winner is its rock bottom price along with great fuel efficiency. Gas prices are causing consumers to take a closer look at your mileage and forty miles per gallon are some sweet numbers.

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