Monday, December 5, 2011

2012 is Coming Your Way to Five New Models!

Shopping for a new car now, and have a 2010 model, depending on the car market may already be hit in 2011. The new Ford Fiesta in the car, and Jeep Grand Cherokee and Sonata.

These important sectors as a car, there are five models in 2012, paved the way, your car will start to be released in early 2011. Yes, go ahead and buy a new car, please keep in mind what happens to the shaft. You must wait a year to get one of several car models 2012 hot just for you.

Alfa Romeo Guilietta - Alfa Romeo is back thanks to the acquisition of Chrysler maternal mortality. Fiat 500, up first, and exciting, but the 2011 model, brand dealers through the sale of Chrysler's alpha from early 2012, will return soon Julieta. This agreement is equipped with a 1.4L I4 engine with a turbocharger premium front suspension and multilink rear. In front-wheel drive, the best performance and fuel economy Guilietta combination of comfort.

ATS is Cadillac - Finally, a new Cadillac every child, hit the market in the form of steroids. Such a large, rear-wheel-mounted vehicles and the coupe will be available in sedan, lucky we are, and if the pattern of a convertible body. As CTS, Catera and Cimarron, the intrusion Cadillac has already failed in the compact car market is likely to forget it when you hit the steroids. Box is powered turbo engines greater than 14 to take the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class or Lexus. Arrival of all new cases coming in late 2011.

Ford C - The Max - a mix of chance and how can I be exciting? Well, four-cylinder engine of the car showroom, if you have three rows of seats and includes a dual-clutch transmission, Ford C - Max is not supposed to have a very hard to take the stand. If it is not enough emphasis on the supremacy of the platforms will be updated based on the 2012 model should be compared to an active segment of the expensive models.

Buick Regal GS is - and remember the Buick Grand National? Era of sports car this is the last in 1980, Buick Regal, version of the model does not increase the clarity and Buick brands. GM is on equal elderly Buicks, Buick Grand National brand means almost all of the stops on disconnect. Regal GS will change all that, and 20-inch wheels, body, and larger brakes, 2.0 liter I4 turbo to provide high-performance qualities that should serve to show the home of the Buick to do it again has been designed.

Tesla Model S - second model line of the Tesla Model S is Tesla electric four-door sedan brings the public good. Well, it is. Car and is supported by the law of the Lotus, unlike 55 minutes at 6:00 for new passenger cars for every second from 60 to 5.6 from scratch and car batteries, ZIP options, you will need to provide a range of 300 miles . Came in late 2011, Tesla promises to keep the price under $ 60K after government concessions.

Each of the model one step further for the 2012 model, which is a common feature, or at least find a way to improve it. This car is not worth the wait, click Buy Now. Otherwise, it was held in 2013, this advanced technology in the world, advanced technology, will follow to ensure that all new models with the design.

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