Thursday, December 1, 2011

Audi Tired of Losing Sales in the U.S.

Finally Audi has always spent buried in the U.S. the humanity of the Lexus brand sales and railroad color humor. Auto analysts said things relate to successful Volkswagen German luxury cars, if and only if its three-point plan to boost sales finally succeeds.

According to a senior executive of Audi, the automaker plans to the growth of vehicles admissible if offered, on behalf of individual merchants and the transfer of an increased activation of the development of marketing plan that will boost the brand image. They plan, apart from the usual type of ads will also strive to greater Internet presence.

Johan de Nysschen, the decision attached Audi of America Inc. In a panacea in the Automotive News World Congress, said he is frustrated to see the lack of automatic stop expansion of the United States. Last year hit 90,600 Audi vehicles in the United States go to the Lexus brand sold 322,000 units less.

Nysschen fresh

stated that the standard for carrying out the expansion of U.S. buyers to enter the place I love acting more than an American brand. "Understatement is symbolic in the DNA of the Audi brand," he said. "It's what we are. It is our expression of European luxury. However, I think it's time for Audi of America to stop being so discreet and a little U.S. history to have our brand."

To help the German automaker teams of the changes you want, Audi has hired a heavy ad motivation like Nysschen announced. The agency Venables, Bell & Partners is promoting consideration of transmigration for German automaker and the deployment of their debut in April, along with the sporty TT.

According to Nysschen "We challenged our genesis complementary to the shape

the epic of the brand and the DNA of shooting excellence. We are looking forward to a strong controversy Audi luxury U.S. buyers ingenious to consider. "
The idea? German automotive major benefit is the spitting image of a more selective strategy. Note that the automaker was efficient to deliver 905,000 vehicles worldwide in 2006. Long-term pipeline of the company includes the promotion of its worldwide sales to 1.4 million units by 2015 with optimism. It is investigating the potential of emerging markets like China and India to help in achieving their goals.

In terms of products, as Germany's Volkswagen is one of the nineteenth launch vehicle the United States from 2005 to 2007. Audi R8 place to start your sports car to compete with the Porsche 911 TT coupe and A5 medium, he said. In complementary Nysschen are looking for a dwarf SUV joy and plans to launch diesel lunch widely in North America.

"We have addressed the problems of consumption of snuff and reliability we have followed in the 90's and moved the stuff of little steps to become leaders in quality," he said. "Our concern and desire in the door of the U.S. is too simple to be recognized as a Tier 1 premium brand in the same light as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, who are in Europe and elsewhere."

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