Sunday, December 11, 2011

2012 Audi A8 Review

Audi A8 series is a disappointment when it comes to providing stylish vehicles on the market it's not. Also, while adding real comfort and performance to the mix, the brand best known for providing stylish luxury car market. This is the main reason behind the successful implementation of previous versions of the standard model of how the brand will become the new 2012 Audi A8. Let's look at the details of this new car?

The best way to describe the new year Audi A8 2012, according to critics, is that perfect combination of luxury and efficiency. New features to work out, to add more efficiency, but is incorporated in the model year 2012 brand new A8 specifications of the body, like a lot of model year 2011. It will add style body of the car headlights from the new LED, with impressive functionality and representation to provide a new sense of style, and the measured values ​​of body length is 17.29 inches. At the same time, she is the emergency trunk release, and tire pressure monitoring and the potential, along with many other features that are included in the new A8 2012 added safety features.

2012 Audi A8, and efficiency, heated seats front and rear of the engine, and comes with many features to improve the system of navigation sensors and parking. Form 2011, rim, and it has received negative feedback from users using 17-inch wheels, manufacturers will conduct all the necessary adjustments to this new version, model 2012, and now comes with 18-inch wheels and.

Implementation of the Audi A8 2012 is one of the most prominent features of this form. Using the V8 engine turbo 4.0 for L, in order to ensure optimum capacity and efficiency of the road, you can provide the maximum of 310 horsepower. This type of engines provide a truly unique driving performance. While the 4-cylinder engine for the release of the Audi valve lift system features up a notch to take the performance of another driver, and this hybrid model.

Another great thing about the 2012 Audi A8, and the ability to accelerate market unlike any other country. In only seven seconds, it is the speed of 100 km / hour, and you can move from very quiet. In performance, and the fact that a distinct and engine speed that can reach speeds the ability km / h is impressive for 210 models that are known to be efficient in fuel consumption. This model sets the engine to 13.5 liters of fuel consumption in the plan, 100 km away. It is similar in comparison to other cars on the market today, especially as one of the most economic models around.

Has been the development of other safety features in the Audi A8 2012 in order to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. Thus, other than that, but give the benefit of choosing this form, style and luxury to enjoy the performance and efficiency.

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