Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Volkswagen Rose to The Top, and How to Get There

In 2010, the Volkswagen Group, it is 2018, the company is the world's largest automaker, has been known that the displacement of the plan to be a Toyota. This bold initiative, the purpose and perhaps not entirely accurate: In January 2011, General Motors Corporation at the beginning again, to regain global leadership position and the second in three years.

Regardless, in the first place to search for Volkswagen, who can be reliably achieved, the German automotive industry is necessary first to get a few things that have a shot at the brass ring . GM and Toyota finished first, given that in recent years are having a problem with is probably not the best ones. However, this is what he wants Volkswagen to get to there, in the automotive industry, you must perform the following steps.

1. In the United States has not become stronger - they can not be sent automatically when the success of the beetle and the previous question, Volkswagen has lost a great opportunity a decade ago. In rabbits and golf are examples of successful companies that are not always a good model. VW is to contribute to the improvement of vision and ability to open a plant in Chattanooga in 2011, must sell more cars in the United States.

2. Spread love Audi - German luxury car buyers with a model of Mercedes and BMW, Volkswagen, Audi and explain both behind. Working to expand the Audi Volkswagen has sold more than 100,000 units in the United States in 2010 and. However, this number means that BMW and Mercedes have to take the model of competing models of the mark, less than half are in this number. They were on their way to do it again.

3. Winning in emerging markets - Volkswagen, such as genetic engineering, is the best retail brands in China. This is a very good place to be useful to place the company in order to move on. VW is also India, to find a way to grow in Africa and South America, you need some of the hottest consumer markets in the world. Volkswagen's mixed success in the local market, you need to Toyota for the automotive industry on the plains of Africa, Central America and India to compete better.

4. Making the seat - Volkswagen AG has 10 seats, including the most marked influence, brand to manage the budget and EU, and emerging markets outside of Europe are not. The first seat in the U.S., rather, also, Volkswagen Seat models, Korean companies can build a brand for the price of low-cost cars to compete with cars.

5. Stop the acquisition to continue to build - VW has managed to maintain a network of multi-brand, and even General Motors, the four signs of lying in the U.S. in 2009 and 2010. Rumor has it that you are interested in Fiat Alfa Romeo Volkswagen AG and it has therefore not interested in selling. Instead, by promoting the integration of what is perhaps some brand, a brand new VW's demand that can help in all parts of the world, to destroy.

Commodity prices, war, and global factors that may affect the rise or fall in the merger of VW and natural disasters. In fact, the latter in an effort to strengthen the business to remain competitive threat to the world, and there are car manufacturers. Mergers and nuts and swallow hard does not always work (Daimler Chrysler), but the association (Renault and Nissan) may be the best option, Volkswagen, have something you want to keep in mind which aims to expand global presence.

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