Saturday, December 3, 2011

Acura - Honda Luxury 20 Years

20th Anniversary of the luxury Acura brand and March 2006, celebrated an important milestone Honda Motor Company. Proud that they were created to give a big fans of Honda, Acura has successfully much more prosaic, like the Civic and Accord models have been extended beyond the reach of the company. Today, Acura is a company born in 1986, is a different brand. Let us look like the Acura, with its current line, and what you bring in the next 20 years in this respect, the Japanese automaker.

Back in 1981, Honda, Honda headquarters wanted no one wants an opportunity to miss to free himself in luxury cars for rent and for sale to consumers in the United States. American luxury brands Cadillac and Lincoln are scattered and lost market share, gaining momentum in America, both Mercedes and BMW. The widespread adoption of consumer and critical acclaim for all three models has, Honda sold in the United States, and see it more expensive and prestigious cars on the market, the decision is a strong possibility.

Honda management decided to go a reputable brand, and they pay higher prices for cars, and finally know that Honda has occupied. Only Honda's Acura for sale in that market. Instead, each car is equipped with a retuned to compete directly against the leading luxury cars.

Acura models sold in the first two, is essentially a platform on the three-door coupe that is Honda Civic sedan and coupe driven by Legend V6, and the "integration" has done is based. Then beat NSX two-seater roadster Porsche sedan and a functional "integration" and was introduced to fill the gap between the legend.

Over time, various model names of the 2 or 3 letter names of the vehicles were removed and replaced. Was operational TL, Legend, RL, RSX and the "integration". Today MDX SUV, RSX sport compact sedan and TSX connect, the other three models to the current Acura line. A slightly smaller SUV, RDX, Acura line-up after the accession in 2006.

Acura seems to be a bright future despite the strong competition from around the world. A few years ago, rolled Nissan, Honda and Toyota, Lexus and Infiniti division has jumped its line and behind the market, more than a decade of its Japanese rivals Acura towed. Instead, Honda is building the brand with the other, some critics see as a typical conservative Honda decision, Hart argues that this false step in the Acura.

Acura of future changes in the incomplete, but the pattern changes, including the possibility of the introduction of diesel cars and hybrid approaches. Honda Super-luxury sedans and sports cars have been suggested by some critics of the auto-production capacity by bypassing BMW and Mercedes. European-style, luxury and quality in the development, including the famous Honda Acura has not yet been driven by success. More and / or sport models Acura roof was extended forward on this issue.

In fact, the luxury Acura brand in Japan carried through the provision of a high number of motorists that the vehicle is strong in technology and sophistication tops to make the original image again. If not, it has proven in the past 20 years, enthusiasts for the next two decades more than the Acura. Honda Motor Company developed a brand of Glory, Good Sun

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