Sunday, December 11, 2011

The new Jeep Patriot - Solid Performer

The term "jeep" and "off road" sand dunes, go together like a winch and high lift. Improvements in the new 2010 Jeep Patriot and the mud, his reputation for working in the hills and streams showed clear signs of slacking.

Including Chrysler what the "package" Freedom II ", Improved Patriot, including an inch of additional clearance compared with previous models, the approach at 27.5, and called the angle of 31.4 degrees degrees brakeover 23. Solid Brake , properly weighted steering and reduced body roll, the package of the Freedom II, rock, hugging the ground with a unique ratio of 7:01 to crawl low on the uneven surface of the stream bed and the other The CVT (CVT) is also included, Freedom II, fog lamps, tow hooks, jeep, including the original full-size spare with an air filtering system for all-terrain tires and 17-inch are equipped with spare parts.

But man is not the only way to live with. Then, to get from the above, in many cases, accounting for a significant portion of each trip, Chrysler in installing a slew of enhancements and new features for the entertainment of the interior and care must be taken in this regard . GPS, connect MP3, satellite radio, 30 shares and value of the UConnect hands-free system, the bonus Patriot Storage has added a little time to look longer.

Built-in components, in addition to the Patriots in 2010, it is possible to support a wide range of accessories for Jeep vehicles, such as an iPod car adapter and monitor. To monitor the car everywhere you go, the input options on the road, DVD - so we can get an s, bright LCD screen features a wide range of quality and daring game system. Patriot head shape of the stock is relatively easy to install and, with elegant appearance that matches the color and fabric, car monitor, the upgrade is simple and compelling. Similarly, a car adapter for your iPod, while providing the highest possible fidelity, providing the added bonus of charging your digital music player. Since they connect directly to your car stereo, hiss, please do not pop and crackle cassette adapter and FM transmitter.

"Patriot" one thing to say about 2010. It was designed for digital sound. It is 368 watts, Beastie Boys, with a choice of several options from Green Day and Weezer, to provide high-quality sound in decibels higher strong as possible for further violated the judge's peace includes a nine-speaker Boston Acoustics sound system. Moreover, these two speakers Jeep has more connected to the hatch, ideal for camping or tailgating party when open, folds down.

Removal of most plastic Patriot 2010 were included in the dashboard of the previous model, several improvements, including the inside of being received, can be a slight lack of room inside. The rack, cycling quickly and easily, and various devices other on the roof and snowboarding, to be able to save space inside the precious, adding a simple solution to most to this problem, your vision and to prevent these elements from the block. On the roof to throw you over too large and the facilities, a safe towing jet ski, snowmobile, and some have a trailer hitch Patriot for anything else, or if you need to draw .

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