Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Insight to The 2010 Audi RS8

2010 Audi RS8 to belong together in the parent group Volkswagen, are made from the Department of Quattro GmbH, Audi AG. The model was built in Neckarsulm, Germany.

In 2010 Audi RS8 energy 530 horsepower, R8 with V10 engine capable of producing a new up and carried. The new model RS8 is the latest sports car produced by Audi AG.

In 2010, RS8 is a 110 horsepower comes from, and also a new braking power than its predecessor model, tire, and wheel and suspension upgrades. The main difference is RS8 2010 model year, the large air intakes, new side skirts are. It also comes with larger brakes than the previous model. The car has been provided balanced steering and speed. RS8 model, quattro GmbH has been manufacturing car models RS6, Audi Sport department, are made from.

Audi RS8 models will be launched in 2010 as a competitor to the Porsche Turbo model. Any four-wheel drive vehicle systems to provide a 530-horsepower four-wheel vehicles. In 2010, RS8 is the North American International Auto Show held in Detroit in 2009, has been shown. It is equipped with more features than the V8 models with more than grunt and two amidships.

Add a scoop to be more positive position to take more power and delivers more air into the cylinder by hand on most vehicles.

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