Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 V10 Challenger Drag Package

2011 Dodge Challenger drag package comes with 512 cubic inches V10 announced! Mopar is a quote from Secretary-General of here:

"The new 2011 Challenger Mopar Drag Pack, and the introduction of Mopar, is the only place to get V Factory - 10. Pak Mopar Challenger drag to operate the new car ready for racing clouds, the Dodge Viper Sports charm runners, collectors and dealers to withdraw their owners. "

2011 Challenger years, many enthusiasts are hoping that this is a sign of things to come, you will see options for the V10 for the street since 2012, probably in the Dodge Challenger. It is the most reliable way to actually race a new car war is deception, and weight of such defects, "Kim Sang have" to agree to become a challenger.

It's suggested retail price of $ 85,512 has been said.

Mopar Challenger 2011 V - 10 and emphasize the drag pack

The panel identified with a unique serial number serial
Mopar will provide three copies of this bright white car
Eight-point roll cage, safety harness and a window of six eyes
Engine 512 CID V - 10
Calibration of the engine is unique.
And building two-speed automatic transmission shift control assembly of the role
Special body drag racing a modified white
No wiper kit
No, no HVAC system (including the closure of the plate).
No, no back seat
No, there is no power steering system
№ chassis, heat shield
The complete fuel cell
Collectors and race header
Amendment to delete the transfer of drive shaft tunnel and integral
The difference is to remove the solid axle conversion, raised on the floor
Polycarbonate door windows
Intelligent systems section of a glass window.
Portable Hard Drive
Mopar Rear Axle Steel
6-point harness for the passenger facility
To correct the special K - Drop members, cross members
Just drag racing lightweight front brake assembly
Manual rack and pinion steering
Front chin spoiler
Lightweight with an electric fan cooling unit
The light mounted on the dashboard
Special cables are working to release the lid
Special cables will work in relation to the throttle
Such as racing wheels and tires

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