Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jeep Hard Tops for Jeep - have many new opportunities

This is not your parents' pockets, topped jeep full of design options. In Four courses of the main advantages of steel, is security. You have to install the top, You can walk to feel better about your personal property and pocket parks And vandalism. If additional security is required, now, to install an alarm would be logical.

Jeep hard top is available in one and four years. The solid part of the normal four Several additional. Starting from the shelves, a new option that comes with the dome light

The second option of the pocket is a piece of you. Each piece will be solid The same four security works, targa top. This means that Semi-convertible, or a veteran of the type T - Top. Capital decreased by Targa
Using the optional roof rack, and store it outside of the back, they can be entered. If you select four pieces, so you can get a Jeep four parts, do not feel excluded And the upper sun roof option. Sunroof option, they do not implement the targa top pocket It can enjoy the best of both worlds for your security and external.

Another advantage of the best new sports pockets are protected from the elements. Through Is held above the cold winter, are protected from severe winter weather. Through Spring and summer can remember the joy in his jeep brings you On the roof of one of the four pieces above. Another feature of the peak of the new slider Then install Windows and Doors by your mind if you have half a pocket, and four times Windows and zip sliders farewell Windows "Hello". In addition to that, and now comes the hard top With colored windows. Large colored windows for insulation, they can assist in air

To keep cool in summer.

Two options together with a solid top pocket

Dome light *
Brake Light * 3
* Boot
Colored window *
* Windows and doors half of the slider

Inside pocket for additional storage
* Targa top, remove the top of the dress
* Riarufu

Targa top shelf
, You the best security, and protection from the elements, you can still find some time to bring the noise reduction and We offer the excitement of owning a Jeep. Please make sure to explore all possibilities
Before a final decision, provided to the heart, do not miss not.Look at all the options in your pocket and can be fun to make your way

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