Sunday, December 4, 2011

Audi - Thanks to High Quality and Innovative Luxury Cars

Audi has been evaluated by the production of high quality and innovative luxury cars. This is one of the world's most popular premium brands, most admired cars in the world. Waste carmakers, Audi, Ingolstadt was founded in 1910 at its headquarters in Germany. This company, when translated into Latin, it became the Audi, August Horch, founder means listening, gets its name from.

Using advanced technology and design, the main purpose of this manufacturing company. Audi currently represented in 110 countries around the Indian market since 2004, sells the product.

When you set up your own sales companies in India, the company's dominance in India began in March 2007. Audi India as sales through the introduction of Volkswagen Group India. In Mumbai, Inc., Audi has announced a clear statement motivated the growth of long-term national plan. Audi's main objective is to become the leading luxury car brand in India within the next few years. Audi's India policy, for the next few years branding, marketing, and includes a significant investment in specialized dealers and after-sales service.

Currently, Audi Audi A6 for the Indian market in Aurangabad city, assembling the Audi A4. Audi cars, fantasy-rich upper middle range of the Audi A4 and the users of this fire, A6, Q7 sedan car shows and A8.

Audi in India until 2011, a dream to reach the first goal of marketing is continuing to expand the network of Audi dealers in the metro and India.

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