Monday, December 5, 2011

Temperature of the Road: 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 provides

Participants in the global automotive industry in the development of technologies that are more fuel efficient cars, the Earth's resources and environmental pollution to realize that there is a limit to the global problems and harmful to man and beast may be. Development of biofuels and electrification of the car the car while it was made to support the minority, and its power even if the cost of fuel, high performance, and to shift away from dependence on cars decision expected.

Raw Power

The three companies, the primary means to chase the Detroit auto industry and fuel economy. Chevrolet Volt non-electric, GM, Ford is working with the Environmental Protection Agency to immediately communicate with the transit, electric batteries to achieve a new form of hybridization "and" Chrysler "is mainly to provide for electric cars has.

However, all three car companies also sell cars on a great performance and fuel economy. High-power version of the three rooms: an elegant Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger retro icon. All three "pony car" coupes and sports facilities, and economic availability of V - 6 models. They also come with Engine V - 8 Super, has been prepared and all the fans want to brute force.

Dodge HEMI

Latest News Dodge Charger cars for heat SRT8. 8 committed to provide 465 horsepower and 465 ft-lbs of torque - 6.4 liter model HEMI V, will increase the force in 2012. This machine is most drive the car from zero to 60 miles per hour from about 5 seconds, and the roar of a robbery, "Rush," would scream the speed dial. The numbers are impressive quarter-mile, which is expected to be about 12 seconds then. Maximum speed of 175 mph, especially in the rear view mirror, including the blue light will be able to overcome. On second thought, please do not.

I'm at the top of the line Dodge Charger is melting polar ice caps, drowning polar bears to eat dinner I do not think relaxation. Yes, not only to eat a gas charger you are equipped with technology to save fuel, "does not require the four cylinders. Rod hot line has been fixed to work with four cylinders only cruise the highway in the section or Holidays, four and the remaining fuel is designed to shut down a number and save the calculated yet, per gallon this beast, the 25 miles at least a gallon nearly 30 miles, probably have not been imagined.

Charger Features

An important feature of the other board is to promote change and not include the technology of the paddle-shift hot take time and preparation time to comment on the adaptation and adjustment to comment on how to better control vehicle The. Security and safety features of the forward collision warning, and adaptive cruise control with a background in order to find a path with visual surveillance and cross.

Ship in order to improve traction rear end to get the promotion and promotion of cloth with holes, to include the deer front seat, front seat heating, ventilation inside, and also includes interaction with a standard head are. And limitations of the SRT logo embroidery is heated in the back seat.

Price, the latest iteration of the Charger SRT8, but $ 43,000 is the price of 2011 model in 2012 as being similar to the expected price on the charger.

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