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2011 Ford Super Duty

2011 F-series super duty of all new machinery, led by Ford designed, engineered and built Ford Stroke ® V8 engine, 6.7 liter turbo diesel engine that gives the best torque in the category of £ 800 - rpm ft (1600 in a best in class 400 hp (at 2800 rpm). just to make diesel fuel and better compatibility with the category of B20 bio-diesel
    Each 6.2-liter V8 gasoline engine and a new best in class with 385 bhp and 405 Nm of torque lbs - 85 hp and 40 pounds more than the gas engine when the torque 5.4-liter V8 - With the economy in fuel consumption and led the class E85 compatibility
    Every new engine mated to an all-new heavy TorqShift ® 6R140 transmission six-speed automatic that is optimized to increase the torque of diesel engines and new higher speed than the new gasoline engines. Part of the new automated features exclusive SelectShift Live ™ Engine Power take-off (PTO) for diesel engines
    Payment systems are the backbone of the increase in F-Super Series 2011, and the task, the leading capacity of 24,400 pounds payload diameter classes and categories of the best capacity of 7070 pounds, and task percent completely new new new super small in the average model pickup 20 to 25 percent improvement of the model structure by taxi
Ford Super Duty customers, and the choice of the projected demand in the U.S. truck sales. For most owners of the Super Duty, and this is the main asset of your business. Day after day, year after year, is expected to be done in the most difficult circumstances. Any nonsense. And never apologize.

"We have customers working super in some of the most difficult jobs in America," said Mark Fields, Ford's president for the Americas. "Every day they have to work with less noise and all that we ask is the right tool for the job. Truck new 2011 Super offers the best in class payload and towing, and all new machines and more opportunities than ever before and help them do their job. "

Ford F-Series is a best-selling line of trucks in the United States for 33 consecutive years. With leader-in-class torque, horsepower, fuel economy and the ability to drag and load, and New Super Duty, Ford continues to emphasize the built heritage of Ford tough.

"Super Duty 2011 and offers a variety of solutions with the greatest amount of work that may be heavy truck customers," says Chris Beer, chief engineer. "Super Duty line offers a variety of bodystyles, engines, diesel engines, gasoline, and the transfer of all-new six-speed, on trucks and cab chassis, the withdrawal of all cargo and capacity that determines the Super Duty."

New diesel and gasoline engines to provide increased torque, horsepower, fuel consumption
2011 Super Duty features, all diesel and gasoline engines mated to a new a new transfer. Designed 6.7-liter turbo diesel hit a new V8, and engineered and built by the Ford team, is dedicated to providing next-generation diesel leading first class and the Super Duty continues to allow the best country in the expense category.

New pump offers the best in class 800 pounds: Results of torque at 1600 rpm and 400 hp at 2800 rpm, which allows class-leading in Qatar in 2011 to super duty pickup on the capacity of £ 24,400. 2011 Super Duty also leads the category in the load capacity of 7070 pounds.

Benefits of strength 6.7-liter diesel engine new:

    The first use pressure graphite iron engine block (CGI) in an appropriate way super job in America, and the Consultative Group for Indonesia is stronger than iron, and Ford's successful use of this material in the engine block in the products worldwide. Blocks in the structure has been optimized for low weight and maximum strength to meet the requirements of high torque and more horsepower and fuel economy leader in its class allows.
    unique architecture and the amount of internal exhaust abroad for use in the car and the first industry to produce modern diesel, and reduce the total size of the zoning drives exhaust transfer surface, which led to a better response to throttle, and reducing disposal to reduce the heat ', and enhanced NVH (noise, vibration).
    Offering the industry's first turbocharger compressor wheel, to work together in one box. Device is one of the center mounted on the base of the statue in the back of the lower valley to improve NVH. This design allows a tool to achieve the benefits of turbocharger systems with two smaller, more effective package that combines the advantages of small Turbo (faster response) and a big turbo (the ability to pressure and force more air into the engine energy more) in one.
    With fuel injection system of high pressure fuel to more than 29,000 in this initiative. This system provides up to five injection events per cylinder per cycle using eight-hole injectors spray fuel peso in the piston bowl. Calibrated with direct injection and gradually to increase energy, fuel economy and NVH.
    Aluminum cylinder heads to reduce weight and jacket design with mid-water deck provides increased power and cooling optimization, six head bolts rather than four as on other devices to improve the seal and maintain the integrity of the work.
    B20-compatible related to fuel, which allows for feeding options for environmentally friendly biodiesel 20% diesel and 80 percent for oil.

Development of the Turbo Diesel V8 engine stroke 6,7 - L is a great effort, "said Adam Gryglak, 6.7 liter diesel director of leading technology, engineering, testing and extensive us confidence that this technology provides super task management and new, and capacity, reliability and performance. "

Machinery and post-treatment system of diesel engine turbo 6.7-liter V8 Power Stroke Leadership efficiently meet the requirements more stringent 2010 federal emissions of oxides of nitrogen), which should be reduced about 80%, so that the most pure and super-duty diesel ever.

new gasoline engine provides class leading economy, electricity and fuel, and
Ford's legacy of race and bring great pride in making gasoline engines used new 6.2-liter - 8, using the architecture to produce the best horsepower, torque, fuel consumption and class. £ 405 petrol engine provides a new torque (at 4500 rpm) and 385 hp (at 5500 rpm) than regular gasoline. A new V8 engine is also E85 compatible.
These figures represented an increase of 40 lbs of torque and 85 horsepower on the 5.4-liter V8 engine ever. In the V8 engine is a big hole (102 mm) allows to increase consumption and exhaust valves for better breathing engine, and a short stroke (95 mm) enables high-power motorcycles more than that.

The advantage of the 6.2-liter V8 gasoline engine only as follows:

    Sot shaft roller valvetrain with stones: and a single overhead camshaft (Sot) valvetrain design cylinder head-solid results, allowing to raise the profile camshaft for better and high torque at low speeds. Rock shaft rotary angle allows the valve to be formed is not lost, thus reducing the intake and exhaust ports are designed to improve breathing.
    Comments intake and exhaust valve opening and closing event at the same time to improve fuel economy and performance at various engine speeds and: a binary variable same time cam throttle position.
    Two spark plugs per cylinder: Because of large diameter, and two spark plugs per cylinder are used for more efficient combustion of fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber, which allows for fuel economy and greater engine torque. Two of the candles also helps maintain smooth and stable engine idle.
    Dual knock sensor: to be a knock sensor in each cylinder bank V8 engine spark timing of each cylinder individually optimized in real time on the engine speed range. Learn to drive the best time through the algorithm to adapt.
    best crankcase breathing machine and performance: a large development, engineering, computer aided optimum cylinder block for a more efficient movement of air in the crankcase and the piston goes up and down the hole, which causes an increase in torque at higher speeds than the engine. Install the piston oil cooling jets at the bottom of the piston to keep the piston crowns cool during harsh conditions. Aircraft cooling compression enables higher efficiency than the best and fastest machines to heat began to cool engine oil, but also improve fuel economy.

New belts and power transmission TorqShift campaign; Live Drive PTO available
Designed six-speed automatic transmission all-new TorqShift 6R140 weight to overcome the increased torque, lower class, which is produced by the new diesel engine. Same basic transmission combined with new gasoline engines, engine, or customers the ability to obtain an effective increase in torque and horsepower on the ground. Designed to improve efficiency and boost the economy in fuel consumption, including architecture, which provides a relatively low speed separation, leading to lower drag losses, and increase the level of fluid and fluid drainback to reduce murders in time to provide superior lubrication.

Along with the improvement of existing devices, and a new transfer with better weight / no space is integrated with automatic engine braking and SelectShift resolution, including determining the scope of the Progressive and manual mode, which allows customers to choose the right equipment for their needs.

TorqShift new transmission also enables the implementation of the first machine live PTO (power take-off) in the car and fit super duty. 2011 Super duty diesel and to run the tourism options, linked to the PTO output gear via a torque converter from the engine crankshaft. This allows the transfer of auxiliary equipment such as lifts, snow-swept air, pull the lift dump truck, or cement work. Energy available at any time to start the engine.

Pioneer agricultural applications, features live drive is particularly useful when the functionality needed for a mobile operating PTO stopped early, such as salt or plowing snow distribution. "To operate at full capacity to Live PTO drive Mobile will allow customers and Super Duty to take full advantage of the equipment on their trucks," said Brooke, director of engineering and transfer 6R140.

Better opportunities in the country category and the load, the new graphics
Put all this energy to work is what defines the duty to super. In the year 2011 and the Super Duty is based on best-in-class towing and cargo capacity, but also offer more opportunities to take advantage of the bottom inside. Nova's first factory-installed and justify the fifth wheel couplings and is directly related to the infrastructure framework.

"Our system pre-installed and comes with a limited warranty from Ford Is mount. Power connection on the wall of the bedroom wall provides a clean install," said engineering director Peter Frantzeskakis vehicle.

Especially useful is to increase the productivity of small trucks, F - 450 to take the trailer heavier clients pull mode. Was cast an undue burden, which helps improve fuel economy and maximum speed. Even with this change, the F-450 Super Duty pickup, keep your weight class voting combined total £ 33,000.

Add water to increase energy security controls trailer
He praised Ford's Trailer Sway Control (training) to join the Super Duty system configuration, customer first part of this opportunity. The training program is integrated with AdvanceTrac with RSC ® ® (Roll Stability ™), which now becomes a standard at the rear wheels (SRW) configuration.

And use the console Advance additional software to monitor the movement of trucks, when you attach a trailer. Can not appear in training programs in terms of steady movement of the truck if the trailer is swaying and take measures - such as applying the proper torque of braking or less - to help reduce energy carriers.

More relaxed, and the trailer brake controller is integrated, factory installed and covered by a limited warranty for Ford, and provide smooth and safe due to its ability to interact with several systems for automobiles.

In line with normal brake pressure the driver to stop the smooth braking braking at all speeds. If the Offer vehicle anti-lock braking (ABS) system, trailer brake and private place to reduce the possibility of the collapse of the trailer wheels. Truck and trailer brake control Super towing trailers with electric brakes, Ford may, during the event the Authority also will apply brakes to stabilize the trailer.

Traction strengthen other features, off-road to improve control and security as follows:

    Hill start assist, which applies the brakes to prevent the re-
    Hill Descent Control ™, which uses throttle and brake set, and then press on the speed
    Electronic differential lock, which ensures maximum grip strength to the rear wheels rotate at the same pace
    Standard tire pressure monitoring system for all SRW models
    Side airbags and curtain airbags optional
    New available 4.2-inch screen liquid crystal containing information about certain functions such as tractor trailer brake control and traction

Improve ride, handling and management of more fun
Apart from Qatar and cargo capacity and support to improve the fuel consumption of new machines, and will 2011Super customers should also benefit from improved ride and handling and management. In 2011 the team an ideal frame and suspension engineering, and specialty paper springs and spring rates, and adjust the valves in an internal damper to allow more opportunity to pull the load for a smoother ride.

Gear guides are also new. In 4x2, F 350-250 F, function and duty to change the system geometry wheelman Super features the best twin I-beam suspension, that combines durability with independent suspension, beam suspension. Increase response and improved accuracy and management control center and by directing symmetrical from left to right.

The result is greater customer convenience, confidence and control in all cases.

"Most of the rest comes from trucks, the management is super," said Dan Gompper, vehicle dynamics supervisor. "If the load or unload a truck, the trailer is empty or full trailer, the customer can be fully confident."

Bold abroad, and a new entry underscores the unity of the internal control
new coverage of the Super Duty, 2011, with a dome of energy conversion figures, and make diesel and gasoline engines, the new underlying below. "Super Duty" printed on the network mentioned above with the largest Ford oval proudly gracing the front.

Inside, customers will benefit from the flow of restructuring and a new console to improve the function of the truck. Increase the volume 60 percent and at least 70 different configurations possible. And 12-volt powerpoint is available at the rear of the console and the other located in the main bin, locked. 110-volt power inverter is a standard unit with all configurations.

Increase productivity with Ford Business Solutions
For many customers, Super Duty cab as a mobile office. Industry exclusive Ford Work Solutions ™ is part of the technology available to help customers stay in touch with their tools of work and songs.

New Performance 4.2-inch LCD available allows customers to take full advantage of the opportunity for year 2011 is a super job, and add from the message center as well. Fifth wheel button allows customers to navigate through various menu options - some related to fuel economy and comfort in the country - has never been available for a super truck.

The legacy continued quality
All new engine, which allows greater opportunities to attract and increase the safety of cargo, such as increased power and control functions over the trailer that is available and Ford Work Solutions, Ford's new 2011 Super Duty ready to continue his legacy as President of the truck to work in America.

"With all the new machinery and a greater chance of improving on the 2011 Super Duty trucks with a proud heritage as for work at the end of the day," said Beer.

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