Sunday, June 19, 2011

Volvo Car Safety Test

The majority of fatal road accidents caused by collisions with heavy vehicles. Many cars manufactured today, the shock of their products and basic, and while they acknowledge that it is confirmed that the accident par excellence Volvo safety features. In fact, Volvo's crash safety characteristics, the driver of the Volvo Cars is that they tend to pay attention to management!

Volvo is the market leader, is a research center at the forefront of the revolution for the safety of vehicles were forced to build protection into their car the other car manufacturers. Center publishes periodic tests performed, and to stimulate competition to compete among themselves in order to ensure the safety of their cars.

Volvo front impact resistance test in the real world again, in front of a car accident. This test, the configuration is to ensure that the pre-built to withstand the strain before, collisions when the inevitable injuries, and the elements and components to prevent the vehicle occupants.

Studies of high prestige car ride side effects such as Volvo SUVs and pickups arrived at high risk for other types such as cars. These results are also affected women has shown that when the car was hit from the state than men. Intended to move the wall to test the effectiveness of side impact. SUVs and results, and noting the characteristics of the barrier effect, captures the design team may be able to eliminate the safety car is effectively a kind of effect.

Volvo Research and Simulation Center, held the seat and cabin heads withstand the Volvo test vehicle. In addition, this vehicle design and traffic accidents, the background is built to consider the impact of safety measures are appropriate. And rear impact test conducted to ensure the security has been compromised in any way when hit from the back-end cars, has been simulated.

Impact test, using differences in design various types of vehicles that can be involved in a plane crash and compatibility to your account. The match between the different geometric models, provided that the final design of the Volvo. This reduces the risk to passengers.

Overflow car air-conditioning that occurs in the case of an accident and injured passengers. It may have been inflated to create a situation causing the death of large volumes of air bags and seat passenger position. In the laboratory, their breasts at least 10 inches from the steering wheel, issued instructions for the driver of a Volvo with no place to sit in the show. In addition, special instructions issued to the children sitting in the front seat.

Bumper tests being slow to understand how to fight and armor to hold up during the incident. The test results compared with test results for Volvo bumper bumpers of other vehicles tested. Taking the best features of a passenger car bumper bumper design project in mind a variety of Volvo. Volvo is also working with an international group of insurance companies in order to improve the testing procedures armor. Publishing the results of the research center's bumper tests, Volvo, the safety design of vehicles that are generally considered low priority and a different design, are encouraged to bring healthy competition among the car to concentrate on.

However, safety can not guarantee 100% security can not. At best, they help to reduce injuries. Drivers can cause accidents leading to loss of work life and limb and obey traffic rules, you do not have to pay attention to carelessly.

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