Thursday, June 9, 2011

Select Jeep Track 242

Select an option to Trac's Jeep Cherokee, NP gets 242 new process transfer. This transfer case gives the following modes: 2WD cars, four wheel drive open center diff 4WD with locking center differential, Neutral, low range four wheel drive (differential center was closed)

See the difference between the NDP and the NDP is the center of the main differences between driving a truck gearbox 231 and 242. If there is no discrimination, offers the only four-wheel drive gear 231.

Being associated with the transfer of cases still in the mode of NP 242 transfer case, front and rear axle differential is open to full-time position, rotate at different speeds. Torque gets the most traction immediately. This arrangement has several disadvantages and that there may be off-road, the wheel is touching the ground, you may lose any advantage you can use to pavement. Part-time mode - center differential can be used in the gearbox can be damaged and slippery road and is only a loose rock.

How is desired without the wheel spin at full speed through the wet, food, hard, gravel or dirt, using a full-time to the dry dock of the snow and ice in some cases. Use line gravel, grass, mud, road system outside the restrictive conditions. Competition also be used as part of RallyCross standby.

I'm off-road and off-road, to avoid excessive use of brakes are used to control low for more examples of gravel when traveling. Withdrawal of short-term status and position accuracy of my trailer I also often used as the other equipment as needed.

2WD vehicle simply by moving your arms 4WD vehicles during the road, and you can switch at any speed you can or NP 242 transfer case. You must not, be moved to a very low drop rate - pocket book refers to three miles per hour.

Common problems, and 242 transfers the work, even if it remains in the four wheel drive, 2WD vehicle transfer arm. Internally, the lever spring force to move the selection of a fork, and manages the transfer of the goods. If the utility is installed torque spring, do not have enough energy to move the gear Ofukiro. Remove from the moment the gear, the spring after moving the fork, how to move the gear.

Lift your foot from the gas, the moment of unloading equipment in many cases, the compression spring can move the fork. The grooved, high mileage and some units, which led to a long pole, in exchange for a bag to release the form of equipment and gear to wear sleeves, you need to change some of the land may.

Jeep fans NP 242 automatic transmission fluid lubrication. By removing the two large candles on the back of this issue is examined from a higher level. It should be at the top of the plate facing the liquid.

State Planning, 242 left tail and slip the yoke shaft. If there is damage, and remove or drive shaft, the fluid is lost to the tail shaft. The seal is important to keep in good condition to prevent fluid loss.

National Minsyutou transfer case 242 is very flexible option and three five-pocket. Get rich diversity in their respective usage.

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