Friday, June 3, 2011

Cadillac renovation, to include new models

GM's Cadillac brand, luxury brand, but something in the last few decades, "Global Standard" logo is also stressed. BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audi and Infiniti, sabbatical-period model of the U.S. auto industry is gone and the dust.

Cadillac converter

Since early 2000, Cadillac GM has been gradually increased until the end of another vehicle at the intersection of the new SRX models, including trade in services and allow the line to verify that. In 2009, delay the transition from the bankruptcy of General Motors, car manufacturers on track to make significant changes to give customers a reason to consider the Cadillac brand awareness will increase.

Coming changes, the next update, new models:

Slowly, the average Cadillac sedan and a full portfolio linesman, coupe, available in Performance Series Sport Wagon and formats - trade in services. Well, but, will be added to the conversion, there are rumors circulating this information has not been confirmed yet. Another type of body and immediately updated in 2013 to start a new keeper, please find a car brand.

, Fuel is smaller and lighter, and more, the model is more efficient to replace it with the passage of the SRX-compatible update for the year 2010, for example, write the language of the current design of the Cadillac - SRX support. In a front-wheel drive or permanent four-wheel drive, and SRX, before you update again in 2014, new colors and displays both in the cabin.

Steroids - Stop four-cylinder engine builit leadership has not been seen since 1988 Cadillac Cimarron famous. This is a GM and I will change with the sedan, compact, compact back to the hole in services trade, the BMW Series is ready to fight - 1, and the Acura TSX models. Approximately $ 30,000, this model is four, using a starting price of five passengers, about 35 mpg on the highway to get files, brands should provide an excellent starting point for consumers.

XTS is - STS and DTS, and both retired on XTS take. This model reflects the size sedan front-wheel-drive full, auto show circuit concept unanimously to appear on the XTS platinum last year. Cylinder engine 6, XTS, you can be included in an optional all-wheel drive is smaller and lighter.

Large sedan - a full-size sedan and Cadillac XTS can be classified as the biggest market will be. This award, Escalade SUV's and eight passengers. GM, the desire to improve the position of the Cadillac brand to compete with the best BMW in Europe and Asia to do this in a large sedan with rear wheel is designed to compete with Mercedes and plans - 7 S Class. It probably will be limited to vehicle, games take precedence over the state and the manager, said that 130 $ 000 price.

The possibility to come including new  supported by other changes as a bag  Cadillac Converj you mix and look like a concept electric vehicle, you can add some special edition models.

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