Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lotus new car every six more

Lotus fans happy, has announced plans to expand the range of detection to the latest fast sports car.

Century - a company that currently consists of four models of a more aggressive Exige and Elise in the UK free of ego,,,, two groups of songs and special Evora.

However, an entirely new movement, and spirit, promoted in order to revive the name of the last three models in the form of stunning Lotus Elite and motivation. They are the names for the cars of new models for the company to the new Elise, in Eterne, finally joined in 2015.

All the characteristics of future cars, "the company Web site, the rumor is the only new development in their pipeline continue to be free.

Six new corporate model, a surprise for all fans of the brand is known primarily because most of the light, maybe a sports car and treatment. According to rumors, the lotus is also a city, type of mold to develop joint ventures with its parent company Proton cars.

Since its revival in 2013, a new spirit, and the first to depart. 12C, a storm Audi R8 V10 and - according to the company, this is the beginning of the Lotus ", the two-seater mid-engine is to mix it with a new super elite before the new McLaren MP4 Ferrari 458 in Italy and has been designed.

Power, which leads to a Toyota V10 cylinder with gamma and with the potential for greater integration comes from the same V8 engine developed entirely new in-house by Lotus super. Evora V6 can be explained later in the entry level model with the option to drive E.

Even the introduction of the spirit and design studio, to compete with the Aston Martin Vantage and Porsche 911 "sister" to the everyday sports car. Lotus Elan is expected to become the most popular models. Литра with a super-developed 4.0 V6 unit used in the new S Evora, extensive use of aluminum, '2 2 chairs and to reduce the weight of the car is optional.

It will be seen next year's launch, an elite front engine, four-seater GT car, to take a large company Aston Martin and Ferrari FF. Features fold in the style of the Ferrari California, 5.0-liter V8 with the same spirit, we can show that the price is significantly weakened the power off and then it's competitors.

Elise in the mid-1990s, based on the number of Lotus in 2015, has promised a completely new design. The new car is equipped with luxurious interior is easier to live with every day, a high level of Lotus engineers, equipped with 2.0-liter Toyota engine. But the price remains the same as the current car.

Lotus so far. But this is to ensure that the move away from traditional thinking, the next step for the company. 2015 Lotus will Eterne. A luxury four-door models that leading Aston Martin Rap ideas, to match the Porsche Panamera and Maserati Quattroporte. Foreign Currency car door supercar four popular flavors and is a great sports car in the Far East, which probably influenced the new concept for the company.

Finally, the new Lotus is a Sixth Form, in the boldest move, is a city car insurance to compete with Aston Martin and seal. Based on the concept of EMAS and protons company, the parent company has developed, Malaysia, and the new baby will be taken from the Lotus sports car factory in completely uncharted territory.

Sporty design are trademarks of participation, such as complete all-electric, gasoline or hybrid engines, "extended range" as used Lotus issued a new supermini that offers fuel economy of 1.2 liters per 100 kilometers from the available gallons looks like.

Finally, the recent European Union (EU) to expand the collection of vehicles to comply with the regulations is to reduce emissions from the company - well, like Aston Martin - 200 miles and a strength of 35 miles wide, so if you use an extended range of the engine, the car promises appointment purposes.

All new Lotus sports car has a semi-automatic gearbox is very sharp, Les Benton Lamborghini corporate style as well, to give a temporary boost of power in the material, such as KERS system for F1 style latest technology in hybrid engines will be equipped. Optimized version of the engine tuning is also different, the market model "S" can be given.

It's a bit ambitious for a company like this is certainly an interesting plan, and also check Even though, remains to be seen. But you are interested in something new in the world of supercars, if held with the auspices of the Lotus!

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