Friday, June 3, 2011

Subaru Impreza 1.5 R

Not a car, please imagine that is used to host a world-class. If you have passion, Subaru Impreza 1.5 r's "are designed to ride on public roads you can find the meaning of the series rally car, we have the greatness of this car during the race for a while, Larry knows that to win, providing affordable racing for our fans.

Subaru Impreza 1.5 R in the rally car is similar to the actual design. You try to drive, said the DOHC cylinder, 1500cc with very sensitive to that from another source. The device 142 has been designed and 107 Nm four-cylinder technology that can generate electricity to torque horsepower.

Registration: Yasushi Tadasu in terms of car 2011 Subaru Impreza mobile pricing is the price of R 1.5 2011 1.5 R car new vehicles, supply specifications

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