Friday, June 24, 2011

Hyundai ix35 2011

Hyundai ix35

The ratio is to move to a new modern and elegant mathematical ix35 2011. It is open from 4 × 4 to set this car as a city car. This stylish looking car gets a new six-speed manual and automatic machines and the most economical. And new ix35 is included in a future model of the evolution of modern foreign brands and companies, "Liquid Sculpture" is the language through the introduction of architectural interior design.

Hyundai ix35 is ready to step into the shoes mighty Hyundai Tucson. UNC - in the design is based on the concept of external IX. Modern and large ix35 2011, and muscles, and there are visible before the appearance, as part of a movement to the top of the market, equipped with luxurious interiors. Hyundai Tucson, Hyundai ix35 see new opportunities to keep them a good alternative.

Hyundai ix35 Interior

Practical solutions and the driver and passengers more comfortable and better interior space than ix35 2011 Hyundai Tucson. ix35 model, more efficient gas consumption to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, together with advanced engine technology, the design of the fluid lines leading to better aerodynamics.

Body structure has been designed to the highest safety standards. - 2 Θ s customers in Western Europe the economic Two will offer a choice of clean-burning gasoline engine. 17kg.m which provides 140 hp and torque of only 158g/km of CO2, in November, presented in November 2010, 178g/km CO2 and gamma 1.6 GDI offers only (2WD MT) to transmit torque 20.1kg.m 166ps assessed. It is 149 g / km is only offered in 1.6 GDI engine start and stop the ISG technology to reduce CO2 increase.

Hyundai ix35 Image

R 2: This publication is available in Europe, diesels can get the following two options. And U - II 1.7 will be available starting November 2010. In R 2. Their CO2 emissions 165g/km (184ps/40kg.m) High and Low (136ps/32kg.m) of production (MT 2WD) and 158g/km (4WD MT): This is the choice of the two results to come. Production has been estimated 26.0kg.m II 115ps, 149 g / km equipped only with ISG (2WD MT), have class-leading CO2 emissions - there are U. 5 emission, which is equipped with a combination of R close to diesel particulate exhaust gas recirculation valve by-pass filter and high efficiency - to achieve compliance with the Euro. Diesel engine and standard six-speed one proof 2, R will be available with six-speed automatic. In modern times, all-new six-speed automatic transmission to improve fuel efficiency of the company to reduce CO2 emissions, is to help you achieve those goals. These changes are silky smooth and the potential of sport to change the user through the new Hyundai ix35 is well SHIFTRONIC.

Hyundai ix35 2011 features, in addition to new engines and fuel-efficient transmissions for other innovations that contribute to lower operating costs. Situated between the tachometer and speedometer, "ECO" Coach is a new feature designed to improve your driving habits and save fuel. The manual transmission version, and symbols on the LCD screen - to change gears flashes accelerometer trip upon arrival at the optimal point. Automatic "Economic Cooperation Organization" Code of LED background lighting for use, in accordance with LED lights red and white or green. Auto fuel efficiency of 15-17 percent in different coach, "Economic Cooperation", 7-9% can be achieved by management.

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