Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Jaguar XF

Jaguar and Land Rover, Jaguar XF is already changing the look and feel. The purpose of this move is also Series 5 BMW and Audi A6 can act like this for BMW and Audi AG, and nature.

Jaguar statement, according to Thursday, 21 May 2011, XF sedan is a revised version of that experience a change of sides, and acquired additional security devices. "Interior design is also changing, but the new hardware includes audio," according to a statement.

Jaguar XF is a sedan, XFR change the language of all options, including options. "The production process begins in July," explained a source from the manufacturer.

Saidoadamuhatton, Jaguar's design director, the most obvious change on the hood of the car, clear wings, grille, front bumper, rear light, form.

Changes in appearance, XF and its variants in addition to this, and get additional funds from new types of diesel engines. I4D ~ 2200 diesel to Combat Desertification, Convention on cylinder 4 Jaafar. Also, as of late, the device uses Randorobafuriranda sport utility vehicle.

Turbocharger engine capable of producing levels of horsepower and acceleration power on for the 188 ZF automatic transmission to the wheels via an 8-speed / rpm is 2000 feet with the device claims and 332 pounds of torque.

This device uses a block that is a very strong light. Piston by a strong lightweight material, chamshaft by all. As a result, the friction device is very thin, slim uses.

You can combine various components to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, Jaguar has completed the start-stop device. And these devices, signal lights in front of the car, while stopping and help the driver to temporarily disable the engine was stuck in traffic and sharp.

Test results, I have a car fuel consumption jaguar 23.24 kilometers per liter. The level of CO2 emissions are just 142 grams per kilometer.

Fuel consumption, acceleration, speed, speed of 100-000 miles per hour (kpj) was achieved in just eight seconds.

"Changes in the home is more interesting," and said Hatton.

Using a new design, for example, wrapped in sheets of leather chair. The entertainment device with a capacity of 30 hard disks. "Bowers and Wilkins's order, including in and said," Hatton said.

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