Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Price New 2011 Chevrolet Captiva SS

It is a appearance of the New Chevrolet Captiva SS 2011 With New Machine

Price: USD 313 million, - On The Road

After some tender presence in Inonesia, now in 2011 General Motors is also the parent of manufacturers launched the latest variant of the Chevrolet "Chevrolet Captiva SS", featuring cars Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) looks fresh and sporty. The main color is red as a mainstay who is now a trend model. CaptivaSS not experienced many changes in the body of the previous variant, but still there are some things to improve, especially on a concept of SUVs and family cars.

To power the Chevrolet Captiva SS comes with a capacity of 2400cc DOHC engine, a transmission speed Hydramatic 6 and capable of producing maximum power up to 171 PS. To provide security for the environment, this car has been equipped with technology DCVCP (Double continuously Variable Cam Phaser) is very good, because it can reduce the emissions produced in the combustion process. From the first concept car created? by motor-General? very futuristic and very close to the latest technology from the environment.

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