Friday, June 17, 2011

Information For Trucks

There are many factors that we look for when you want to buy a truck they use. A glimpse of some of the characteristics of different brands here.

DAF's reputation, built on the performance of the fuel efficiency of the engine - the CF and the new series, to improve performance is a good example of our commitment. CF series offers three different engines, depending on the application.

On the other hand, the flexibility to customer needs, reliability and productivity you're looking for, while the know-how, the experience gathered by the Iveco vehicles in the field of trade and industry: large-scale research and development Iveco Daily was born from the experts and speak the same language. Thanks to the chassis, the ability to adapt to meet a wide range of physical applications and the power of turbo diesel engine that is flexible and economical, of course, and transportation sectors (goods, people and transportation) between the professionals who work Iveco Daily light commercial vehicles favorites.

TGM 13 〜 26 tonne MAN, features 326 horsepower from the engine of the tonnage 240. As a member of the TG family, or long-term local traffic and provide solutions for a reliable and economical transportation for all tasks at a construction site. It is energy efficient, yet powerful. To ensure clean energy or 326 HP 240 280 Euro 4 engine and six-cylinder common-rail the economy. Maintenance-free and lightweight. PM - cooled exhaust gas recirculation MAN KAT ® (EGR) is compatible with the emission of € 4, with no additional work is designed for high load and high in one size.

The new Mercedes-Benz Los Act sets new standards in a series of measures to improve heavy-duty trucks. The Mercedes PowerShift 2: in 13 large and small in some comfort at least succeeded in improving the delivery of a new set of criteria for the old drive BlueTEC with foreign countries, cost-effective safety and design of 100,000 units can install 12-speed automatic transmission first track Akutorosu extend the standard model of economic success in terms of special offers available to approximately 700,000 tons of new Akutorosu already Comfort and safety, reduce CO2 emissions

New Renault MIDLUM (7.5 to 18 t) is the way to town and community service. Compact, with unprecedented performance and elegant, it offers the best performance in a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the driver. Nearest cab on the market (2:10 m) and 7220 mm shorter (wheelbase 3800 mm) radius of a working example in large numbers and small. The new program is unique in the market and gear knob and handbrake lever on the dashboard to adapt perfectly to the world of distribution and unsurpassed comfort of the driver. Comfortable speed digital display panel in the middle of a revolution without the new features and Renault Trucks. The concept of access, create an entry for taxis often slip in and out procedures easier and more secure and the doors open to 90 degrees Celsius. The new generation engine: 220 hp and DXi5 160 190, 280 and 240-horsepower DXi7. Engine offers more power and torque. 5% reduction in fuel consumption

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