Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top of competition Toyota Camry 2012

Honda Accord: Accord is a major competitor for the Camry - № 2 and persistent - in the U.S. passenger car sales crown, but completely different in nature. Equivalent of the Camry car from a comfortable sweater, and reconciliation according to the track if you have the road manners of some real sports. Contract, in fact, be at the expense of a reasonable level of insulation for comfort and to achieve this goal several ways. But he finally conceded the room, or the quality and advanced engineering. The agreement might be one of the best cars in the world, especially affordable prices. Groups with a sedan and coupe body styles with four and six-cylinder engine in both front-wheel drive. Hybrid available. To update the 2011 model year because of the contract during the session, it is expected the following for each new release of the 2013 model.

Developed a subtle update, the Ford brand itself, the resurrection of the living room an elegant shopping list of thousands of new buyers in the past two years: the Ford Fusion. Fusion has not been refined as the Camry or the name of your athlete agreement. It is a four-wheel drive is available as a substitute for well-built FWD is the only car in this group. Although it offers a selection of four of the six-cylinder engine competition and lead packs of 36/41 mpg with the hybrid class-leading power. Fusion is the next full model coming in 2013 or so ago will not be updated.

Hyundai Sonata: The Nissan Altima will be rejected as an alternative to the Camry sedan and the momentum of the Medium Car segment of the brand is modern, aggressive look to hit the Korean are not. Sonata 2011 model, redesigned for a growing rival in size and function and may lead the class in grand style. It also does not only come with four-cylinder engine is a harbinger of what will most middle-class base. Six-cylinder engine of less popular in this section. Four-cylinder engine with horsepower ranging from voting and vote 22/34-mpg 23/35-mpg 189 of 274 horsepower, and fuel economy are mutually exclusive of the Sonata is no performance on the show. It is also proposed, hybrid cars have a future in the category of gas and electricity in the form of classification of 37 miles per gallon 39 minutes

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