Saturday, June 11, 2011

Holden Commodore

Holden updates today and then in the nest before the year, confirmed that production will slow down the current generation of electronic Commodore.

Factory, overall 13 and August 7 in South Australia Holden Elizabets will stop the operation can be restricted Holdendira securities held in the courtyard.

Australian distributor of the AP Day for communication, automotive industry, Holden spokesman for the New Testament and the European Union, which will slow the production of Holden, said the sales line weaning schedule Masaru current or.

"Our range of Brigadier-General, after the completion of domestic production, the year before, we must be prepared to facilitate weaning time model working," said a spokesman of Australian institutions.
"To do this, we have before us a new model, the range of subtle, in order to achieve a balance between short-term production plans will be able to produce light, they worked with the European Union masu."

Strong global demand, increased 3.0 liter gasoline V6 engine, GM's view the properties for the production of the automotive industry last month, please contact the following news.

AC 28.4 percent from year to year - in front of sales, selling 11 795 units Holden 3, this year is a promising beginning. The most popular form, the Commodore, and continues to March 4209 sales. Sales in 2125 and Cruz next month.

Holden is expected to begin in early 2011, is scheduled to begin later this year local production yacht.

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