Thursday, June 9, 2011

Volvo Safety Test

The cause of the collision with the majority of heavy vehicle traffic accident fatal. Many cars, the main impact resistance of their products with impact resistance during the current production, make sure that Volvo is nominally in circulation. In fact, impact-resistant properties of Volvo, Volvo drivers so they tend to focus on leadership!

Research Volvo safety car at the forefront of the revolution were forced to operate a motor vehicle other safety devices to build and market their cars. Public test which was held at this center regularly compete with each other to stimulate competition to ensure the safe use of their cars over the years.

Volvo resistance to re-direct effects in real-world test in front of my car accident. This test is done to ensure that the configuration is designed to withstand the transformation in front of my eyes they were before the accident, the injured passengers in the car when the inevitable elements and components including to prevent.

Dignity SUV ride height showed that the car hit the Volvo car at high risk, such as pickup trucks and other types of passenger vehicles. Results also showed the car if there are side effects that women affected than men. Mobile barrier is designed to validate the performance of side effects. Fender car safety design team has recorded the impact of this kind can prevent effectively the characteristics of an SUV with the results and impact of the truck.

Car seat and hold the head  tests, the search will be conducted in evacuation simulation center. The result of the accident investigation which damaged the rear of the vehicle to measure the integrity of the design and construction. We also simulated rear impact tests to ensure safety in any way the risk of a car hit from behind.

Impact testing, which takes the design differences between various types of vehicles involved in an accident may not be compatible with the account. Technology is a discrepancy between different models listed in the final design of Volvo cars. This dramatically reduces the risk of passengers.

Car damage occurs when an air bag is increased in a state of collapse. The number of passengers, specify the size of the air bag inflates the factors that create a situation sit and death. Institute, in addition to this position where at least 10 inches from the steering wheel in my chest has issued instructions to the driver of the Volvo. And issued a special instruction to the children of the seats in the front seat.

Bumper resistance or support during the incident have been taken to test how quickly some of the following bumper. Test results compared with test results other armored vehicles Volvo bumper. Taking the best features of various projects in mind when designing bumper bumper Volvo. Volvo has worked with an international group of insurance companies to improve the procedure for testing the armor. The results sent Volvo bumper Center research priorities to promote fair competition in the low road with various designers, design safety car to keep the focus area is considered as a whole.

However, safety equipment, 100% safety can not be guaranteed. This helps to reduce casualties in prime condition. The driver and said traffic rules, even accidentally, they must abide by their actions do not pay attention to cause an accident can cause huge losses of life and health.

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