Saturday, June 4, 2011

Audi Q3 SUV Claims New More Light and Sophisticated

Audi AG is finally released some pictures and the specification latest generation of Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Audi Q3. German car manufacturer was mentioned, newer generation of more compact-sized SUV, lighter, and more full of advanced technology.

"The weight of this car is lighter thanks to the use of combinations of materials," the statement quoted by the manufacturer, Wednesday (13 / 4).

Hood and trunk doors using materials such as aluminum. So it is with some other parts that use that material and carbon fiber. Walahsil, the weight of most brand Audi Q3 was only 1.5 tons.

About the size, this SUV has a length of 4.39 meters (m), width 1.83 m, height 1.6 m. Thanks to its compact size with new designs, aero coefficient reached 0.32 m.

Although the compact size, but Audi claims that besutannya SUV has a roomy trunk space. "Its capacity reaches 1365 liters when the rear seats folded," said a source at Audi.

Another attraction offered  from Ingolstadt, Germany, it is featured in the cabin. Devices made by Bose audio with 14 speakers, wireless local area network (WLAN) hot spots, and multi-media interface (MMI) are some of the advanced features offered.

Interestingly, this car is offered in two variants namely gasoline and diesel engines. Both capacity of 2,000 cc four-cylinder TFSI and TDI.

The plan, Audi will to the mat Shanghai Auto Show 2011 which took place April 18 to 28. While sales in Europe starting next June. In the region began Audi  29,900 euros, or about Rp 375 million (exchange rate 1 euro = USD 12,573.10).

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