Saturday, June 4, 2011

The history of Mercedes-Benz

And Mercedes-Benz brand, please refer to the number of cars at the moment. Many people, because this is said to manufacture cars for quality and durability, they are very popular.

More than a century, was born a man named Gottoripudaimura. 10 years after Carl Benz. Both born in Germany, it was 60 sea miles. Over the years, each boy of the machine. Approach is to build a car so completely different from me a few years ago, are not they determine that you meet when you start a Mercedes before.

1886, Mercedes-Benz, made a motorized tricycle for the first time in 1893, followed by four wheels. In 1886, Daimler built a horseless carriage. Two years later, has signed a contract for the production Uiriamusutainuei business with their products in the United States. Three years, Steinway, Mercedes cars and light trucks for the period.

Unfortunately, Daimler Mayback his chief engineer Wilhelm said his company, died in 1990. It was built into a special car of the year Emiruierinekku. The name of the car and then 10-year-old daughter Mercedes. Parsifil Mercedes-Benz was founded about the year 1903 of them.

And there was no competition in each. Beginning of World War I turned in munitions production base for both, and since.

After the war, the landing of the German economy. Most of the cars had no fuel or no. I made 15% more cars as the wretched of the luxury tax. Thus, the popular Mercedes-Benz and its partners, has a strong partner. They are, dmg is considered to merge was not successful. Recorded a handful of cars in 1923, the economy went bad. In the U.S., while more than half built about 1,000 stamps, "Ford" Mercedes-Benz and its partners. I need the most economic, DMG and Benz, the agreement of mutual interest, "but decided to sign, they are managed to maintain individual identities. This agreement, 2000 is valid until.

After that, the arms in an effort to integrate the two companies. Laurel is a 3 stars, draw around it. At the top, the word "Mercedes" and "Mercedes" at the bottom of. Document is very successful, production could increase to about 7,000 in 1927.

In 1930, the largest launch of the most famous car. Success of the Mercedes-Benz, has flourished so far this year.

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