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Iveco - Caustic

Iveco, Italy, trucks, buses, Turin, Italy-based manufacturer of diesel engines. It is a subsidiary of Fiat to produce 200,000 diesel engines and 460 000 per year, which ended fiscal 2007 sales of 11.196 million (sales) it.

Name Motor Company, industrial and commercial vehicle alliance between Europe's death Magirus Media Center (OM and Lancia Veicoli including cooking) is a shortcut.
Currently, the company, the truck is, passenger cars and light machine market is a key figure in the top 3.5 t sales,

Iveco has become a global sponsor of the All Blacks in January 2007.


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Death Veicoli Industriali (located in Turin), Marseille, Italy, France, president of the Fiat engine Enjiniabekkariano merger of five companies operating in Germany (1915 ~ 2001) starting January 1, 1975 founded and dominated by Fiat Group company (Brescia), Lancia Veicoli cooking (Bolzano), Information Center (trap) and Magirus (Ulm).

In 1990, Iveco, ENASA, 60 types of commercial vehicle manufacturer in Spain Pegasotorakku leading manufacturer and get a percent. Because it is a local brand in all major European markets, this is an important step in the history of Iveco. With this acquisition, production facilities and Iveco, and asked Rearubaryadoriddo Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Centralized functional structure first appeared in the early years, the company has streamlined the construction, improvement focused on a variety of industrial and commercial buildings are independently until now. From the perspective of the market in recent years, sales of the magazine (1978), Turbo (1981), Turbostar (1984), saw three cars to symbolize the success of Iveco in the field of entrepreneurship in Europe or. In 1986, Ford of Europe will be part of the business processes of automotive brands.

Backed by an increasingly strong competition Iveco had to overcome the crisis the early 1990s. Professional growth in the market to respond more effectively, Iveco, divided by type of product, unit decisions related to company specific customer specific, broken structure. During this year, the company continues to strengthen its strategic position in the world. In 1992, Iveco is an international shipping company in Italy is a very important role in the Pacific Ocean was still in Rome, Australian shares have been purchased. Ivekomerukosuru been created in Brazil in 1997 as a base for manufacturing and distribution operations throughout South America.

1995 luxury coaches selected Euroclass International Coach Year in 1999, through the integration of Renault and Iveco in the bus business, decided to unite efforts in the field of public transport. Integration, Heuliez Karosa Included in companies like Irisbus, Ikarusbus is one of the largest manufacturers in the passenger transport sector has been strengthened by the acquisition of Hungarian companies. [Edit] to
Attention, for the automotive market full of customers' needs and always has been developed in the early years of integration products and services to meet the basic nature of the circulation counter. This strategy, in a world of financial services in 1997 could Transolver Iveco formation.

Commercial side, which are sold in over 90 countries, Italy, Britain, Spain, Bulgaria, the market leader in Slovenia, in Germany, "a song Besutoinpoto" selected Ivekofodo EuroCargo, 1998 inches in 2000, was elected today if it was the job of light seems to win some gifts, cars, "International Van of years" is an assembly line million. In 2006 SCUDO Ducato generated. In 2007, Fiorino produced. Iveco Today, 49 plants, 15 research and development facility 0.840, 31 000 customers and employees, and 40 inches in 19 countries and engine manufacturer Iveco Iveco% went to the car, next generation automotive applications, industrial, agricultural, marine and energy use to 60 %, OEM modules for sale. This is one of the largest manufacturers of machines for the European shoot.

In 2007, Iveco has announced plans to enter the U.S. market channels.

Machinery production
Ivekoenjin produced in three factories 3: SOFIM Foggia (Italy) (8140 series), Iveco SpA Turin, Italy (8000 Near East Foundation Series -) Bourbon and Lancy, France (series index). Sofim the original Fiat, Alfa Romeo, the 1973 Saviem purchased by the company with Iveco diesel engines was established in 1981.

Electric cars

Please see also: Irisbus
Iveco is a hybrid electric vehicle.
These include:
I'm waiting for you Iveco, tram window. Rouen and Clermont-Ferrand (France) Las Vegas (USA) in the service.

Hybrid Iveco Europolis (midibus): Siemens electric motor and lead acid batteries Gerueaido.
The Tororibasuivekoiveko Cristalis Citelis
Iveco - light, medium and large trucks

Daily (2.8 based on the total weight of 6.5 T)
EuroCargo (6.5 based on total weight of ~ 18 L)
Stralis (tonnes gross vehicle weight of this Act)
Large four-wheel drive, off road, and badges Santana Please note - in cosmetic surgery and 10
Ako, the military option civilianised fleet was built in the first application "Track 2 1/2-Ton 1 № Australia MK4" (only in Australia, runs on natural gas and diesel / [variable] weight) who or
PowerStar (Australia only, heavy main engines)
Trakker (methane, heavy vehicles more than 72 000 tons)

Iveco DVD (Defence Vehicle)
Light Vehicles - Iveco DVD Bolzano-wheel drive developed by a multi-role light
Off-road military truck 40.10WM 4 × 4 - light armored vehicles every day, semi-armor including armored change management. Naveco NJ2046 and Nanjing, manufactured in China. Western Star was built 1993-1997, a copy of the Canadian Forces
Iveco Magirus - fire fighting applications
Fodotorakkuiveko is - now Iveco (Iveco Group UK) Ltd Ivekofodotorakku, industrial products, EuroCargo this time (the first product of Ford) has run, based on the UK market leader was built in Slough over the years.

Lohr Magirus
Iveco Mezzi cook
Camiva France - Chambly, Iveco EuroFire - fire fighting-enabled applications
Ivekopawatorein - Engine: automatic generation, industrial, agricultural, marine energy
Obviously the truck, all terrain forklifts, Italy, solid waste dumps, mining and construction vehicles sites - Asutorasupa
Irisbus - Track, citybuses, GT and intercity coaches (formerly "Iveco" brand)
Eurobus (hang)
TurboCity (hang)
Satoru Irisbus Yuu, as a coach and Basuiveko Irisbus Irisbus product name.
Naveco - Iveco Iveco Daily Chinese Union NAC.
OTOYOL - Turkey's first car Eurocargo medium commercial version.
Pegaso - Spain ENASA (as dead)
Sedanatokinson - construction of waste collection vehicles for special purposes - Lee Gillis (the deceased)
Iveco also produces various types of vehicles that are specific to some countries. These trademarks and Ako PowerStar included in the original model is an extension of generated by.
Iveco Vehicles
Iveco Massif
Per day, (MY98), Romania
Iveco Daily minibus to S2000
Iveco Daily Chassis S2000 - Cabin
The Eurocargo Iveco (Barber 2003)
Iveco Trakker
Iveco Stralis
Iveco Stralis truck race
Bucharest, Rumaniaiveko TurboCity × 480 buses (operated by salary)
Ivekonoruue few words more cars
Iveco Magirus Super Dragon play x8
Iveco - Autokran
Website Ivekooruburakkusu
Iveco UK Website
Current models: Ivekoako | Ivekokanpanyora | Daily Iveco | Iveco Eurocargo | Iveco Eurofire | minicar Iveco | Iveco Massif | Iveco PowerStar | Iveco Stralis | Iveco Trakker
Ivekosuta | | EuroTrakker Iveco | | EuroZeta Iveco Iveco Eurotech | Iveco TurboStar | Ivekozetaiveko EuroMover: Model ago
Fiat Group automotive brands
Fiat Ferarimaseratigurupu:
CNH Global: Kobelco H New Kesusuteaoranda
Iveco: Ivekoasutora Magirus Irisbus
Key benefits
Chrysler LLC (20%): Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, jewelry
Dead Signs
Autobianchi Zasutaba "the Innocenti's Pegasosedanatokinson

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