Friday, June 3, 2011

Climb the audi A8L

Audi A8L Audi luxury cars sold in Indonesia. This car is released Rs 1.96 Billion Billion -1.7.

Audi A8L with (longwheel base) is a typical European-style elegance of the Audi is the work of the creation of powerful high-resolution radiation.

Creating space for passengers back to the far more comprehensive measures 13 cm of these vehicles, total vehicle length of 5.27 meters longer than the standard version of the A8.

It also sdapat (power adjustable), and heating system (radiator) that has additional rules and complete style console dsengan Audi car rear seat passengers.

Another feature of folding tables and coolers, is the presence of extra comfort. Tired, and can automatically give passengers a massage your feet in a German car.

For entertaining, and Audi, in one touch to complement the interesting part of the solution, allowing the driver to control the audio characteristics of different vehicles and blast Olufsen, Internet Services, intercace multimedia, such as multi-component of the media.

"You go to the Audi A8L, and sometimes will meet immediately comfortable with the latest features of the ankle. First class lighting system, the main terminal on the board until the vehicle temperature control system for four regions as a first-class plane, or" Start Motamataramu Garuda The main director of the Labor Party Nasuri Andoryuaudi epicenter running A8L, Las Na, Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday (04/29/2011).

Because it can predict the state of road riders, Audi A8L, is also very smart. Audi is also in the sense of the latest safety systems help reduce the risk of accidents, is available.

Night Vision Assistant, and can detect the presence of pedestrians at night.

Konfigurassi replacement bonnetnya 3.0 FSI V6 engine), however. 290 420 Engine torque-speed Tiptronic transmission cable is equipped with 8 Nm activated by a shift in horsepower.

"The energy, a lot of mileage, the Audi A8, if not unprecedented," said President Director Gunadi Sindhuwinata Car.

Price, Audi A8L 1. $ 7 billion to be paid from the price range. Are you a massage chair buyer so if you need a complete specification of the function to add new spending $ 260 million, you should add. Price is only located on the road.

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