Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pagani Zonda F Reviews

Inaugurated in 2005 Geneva Auto Show, the Zonda F is one of the fastest supercars ever made. Built using a wide experience in the construction of carbon fiber Pagani, the Zonda is the leader in terms to fit and finish. With this car, Pagani Automobili is among a small group of independent supercar manufacturers that challenge more established competition such as Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

During the early Zonda project, Juan Manuel Fangio consulted and influenced Horacio Pagani on every aspect of the Zonda. Horacio said that Fangio had 'technical sensibility' large and is the main source of inspiration for his car. So, should come to a surprise that Pagani latest work pays tribute to the late Fangio, five times world champion.

Zonda F is a special edition car that will be built along with the regular production model. Required modifications tailored to the C12-S Monza and refines them into a more attractive package. As a result Zonda F is lighter, stronger and faster than its predecessor.

Aerodynamics play a big role in shaping Zonda's new car. Other devices including the traditional one-piece fixed wing who now get undisturbed air thanks to relocated mirrors. To help air flow under, a larger front splitter and rear diffuser with twin stabilizing wings create even more downforce. In front of the Zonda F is a larger air intake to increase cooling effectiveness of the more powerful V12 engine.

To give the Zonda F more power, a new induction system is used that replaces the standard Mercedes-Benz unit. It features larger intake hole and, when combined with a larger, hydroformed exhaust, the 7.3 liter Mercedes-Benz engine reaches 620 bhp. This is up from 550 achieved by the standard Mercedes intake. A Clubsport model available as an option which boosted power 650 bhp @ 6200 rpm.

chassis receives several upgrades which lighten both the overall and unsprung weight of the Zonda. And 20 newly designed 19 inch wheels make room for larger brakes which can now be ordered ceramic compound for the first time. Combined with titanium wheel nuts, and various ornaments like carbon fiber, weight Zonda F 1230 kgs without liquids.

After all the changes it should come as no surprise that Pagani Zonda has made winning a lot. With 650 bhp on tap, the model should easily rival Clubsport cars including the Porsche Carrera GT and Ferrari Enzo.

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