Saturday, June 11, 2011

Toyota Kluger in Year 2011

Presented at the Motor Show in Moscow, Russia in August, Toyota announced the availability of updates osutoraria Toyota kurugahai buriddo 2011.

I was at a discount in the range bring to improve the style.

New photos (Highlander U.S. market), local and foreign, key logger who has been increased from 200 clear that the examples in the manual - 2010 can be mentioned.

Most design adjustments described in this model offers a much lower unit of the display lights and keyloggers. Grill is also a major renovation, someone who is strong to get the unit to establish new works.

Get a new form of software and back curved, the fifth generation of 2004 (XV30) design reminiscent of a Camry.

Receive the third row seat in the heart of the revised seating and more flexible for 50-50 available seats folded seven sections, stacked layers of color to all keyloggers.

Two-wheel drive version of the entry-level five-seat-US $ 39,990 in 1000 dollars Kx - R lower prices. The KX - Update I, which includes a large rear spoiler, Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones, new design alloy wheels, along with the introduction of the USB 17-inch and enhance the sound.

List Tasha equipment more affordable $ 800 grow to include perforated leather lining, the first and second row seats, push bar chrome surface - Kx Kruger in the middle class.

The six-disc CD and excellent sound quality for MP3 audio equipment with a USB port.

Cut the first line, while those equipped with perforated leather seats, beating the second main floor, you get a discount of U.S. $ 414.

Accessories, and now has become the new 19-inch wheels are designed, additional input Grande extended to other marine climate controls 3.5 mm behind the wood fiber producers in an orderly way optical navigation audio system is included.

2011 Kluger Miller all models now, "Blessed" light illuminates the ground around the front door.

And energy as in the case of 201kW and 337Nm of torque Kruger in 2010 was sent to the wheels through a five-speed sequential shift transmission 3.5-liter V6 petrol automatic originated.

Toyota engine, noise, vibration mount to reduce vehicle stability control warning bell interrupted while HA has been redesigned.

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