Monday, June 6, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Innovations

Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG, a subsidiary of the parent car, bus, and the German auto industry to produce vans and trucks. Market has been established in tradition and prestige of the Mercedes-Benz brand not only determine the root of the foundation of automotive history. Karl Benz created the first car sold the first Mercedes at the end of this century. The company performance, benefiting from the technical standards for both passenger car safety, to develop forward-thinking in the context of many innovations in its history. The following are the most modern cars, by car, often known as a set of innovative and developed by Mercedes-Benz has been studied.

- By car from spinning wheel is a patented technology can be used to stop developing traction in the late 1980s and then.

- Anti-lock brakes Mercedes-Benz, the development of presentation in the 1980s.

- The airbag was introduced in the early 80s going to save countless lives and the company's innovative technology.

- In 1951, Mercedes, front and rear of the vehicle significantly, important to develop improved safety cage safety of transportation now, crushing zoning. Significant competitors in this innovation, technology development and testing of the Council improved the safety of Mercedes-Benz cars and be able to apply this technology to their car to improve safety on public roads Nevertheless.

- Makurarenmerusedesubentsu is the maximum speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour, the fastest way to produce a car than ever before.

- The renovation will enhance the safety belt seat belt tension thereby greatly. To stop a passenger in the car will jerk forward rapidly generate new tensions and a seat belt in a car accident when placed in front impact.

- The company is now in order to reduce the likelihood of a disaster, has developed a range of safety features. The device detects when the driver showed signs of growth with tired tired and yet you are driving near the driver's eyes, this is a function. Falling road users lives asleep behind the wheel, most of the risk of this catastrophic event is a major concern for safety on the road. Was designed to warn drivers of the new Mercedes-Benz and the first signs of fatigue early in the attention when the settlement was important for the driver fatigue can be hidden and gradually develop a very It is.

Mercedes-Benz was the technological revolution of 2007, the company "car and safety standards for what is received the award from.

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