Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Audi R8

As a result of pure design, it is a beautiful coupe with the top, take the preservation of the beauty of this process is difficult. Historically, however, a rare 2011 Spider and change the interior of their colleagues to reverse this trend in the R8 Audikuwatoro seems that in the end. In fact, this car is ridiculously handsome Hollywood was elected to the next group of  wheel is very cool.

Other Audi R8 Specifications

* MSRP: From U.S. $ 147 000
* Fuel efficiency: / 15.8 city from a combination of rapid assessment of miles per gallon
* Engine: 5.2 10 l - 600 million cylinders
* Train the drive, close to the standard six-speed manual transmission, manual 6-speed R tronic automatic is optional
* Speed: 4.1 mph in 60-00 seconds.
Electronic Stability Program and four-wheel drive Kuwatoroshisutemu: * functions for vehicle safety
* Warranty: The basic four-year/50, 000-24 road assistance / 0.12 miles 7-year / unlimited mile protection, corrosion, 4 years

Last post Audi R8

This car does not show up at the grocery store environment. This is the earth in a hurry to drive a car in Pls're. Power for the Audi drivers and passengers in the area of ​​maximum speed and maximum speed of around 200 miles per hour and R8 acceleration remarkable is that the year 2011. Driver as a result of this process is structured to concentrate on their way before them. Responses related exceptions, and the strong force, Audi R8 ride bound to be such a luxury cruise ship missile with a lack of land.

Audi R8, the years developed a reputation as an engine, very light and strong, this latest version, to remove his reputation did not do anything. Agility and flexibility to add new versions of drivers, has been specifically designed to eliminate the additional mass, this is one of the market's most successful sports car. The driver, which allows them to any location in the odd speed flight may] be found on the street left in a box.

Audi R8 final internal

The interior is thin with no minimum required. Each has been designed to reduce vehicle weight to improve energy. Features fiberglass chair logo, while strengthening the plastic shell, inside the gym atmosphere and decor, and the aluminum. Before thin polycarbonate rear glass window monitor. Because the car approached, in the cockpit of prestigious luxury cars traditional. However, the emphasis on human health and appearance of the interior of your choice and the spirit of sport more seriously fun people.

Audi R8 high-performance new car

Audi R8 violence committed for a maximum speed of 4.1 kilometers per hour and 199 hours of 60-00 miles per hour in seconds. In addition,, 2.5-liter 560 horsepower V10 engine, the torque will pull 398 pounds feet. Audi R8, 8.15 similar to the disk revealed by the inch - 14 inch discs with four piston calipers front and rear pistons. Car fuel economy ratings, spiders per 2011 gallons of combined city highway 15.8 miles / mileage estimates.

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