Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee

Pocket "Agreement" is a simple comparison to compare the "in" SUV (SUV), respectively. Cherokee 1974 until now, Osj Cherokee 1974, 1983 and 2001, and 1984 X - Cherokee, Cherokee since 2002 KJ method (known as Jipuribati), it passed through the third iteration. Like its predecessor, Grand Cherokee, are available in three models, production began in 1993. This model, today, forms since 2005 zj 1993-1998 and from 1999 to 2004, J., and Mitsubishi. Culminating in two different from its predecessor, improving the design of both models for future generations, but very similar, after the "original" version was called, but four-wheel drive.

This generation of Jeep Cherokee (Jipuribati), and finally in 2008 to redesign, and is designed off-road, built to run hard. This is a standard 3.7-liter, 210 horsepower V6, the Jeep Cherokee does not have fuel-efficient engine than the Jeep Grand Cherokee. In addition, the physical appearance of practical front axle suspension, and rack and pinion steering, said it would be combined to enable the owner to take all of your pocket to go anywhere. However, this place is the highway system when driving off-road than you might have second thoughts. Freedom is not an internal hard plastic, Doraibujipucheroki, and lack of opportunity to keep the turbo four-cylinder or interior decorating can be compared with fertile than its competitors (pocket can not meet increasingly severe restrictions on their emissions Enjinjipucheroki) if you are not in the camp, providing little competition.

Completely redesigned in 2011, modern and strong capabilities in mind the pavement first, designing the range of Jeep Grand Cherokee. Recent additions, rear seat DVD player, a modern SUV can meet consumer demand for luxury on the streets. Current-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7 liter, 210 hp, V6 Enjinjipugurandocheroki, and two different V8S, V8 engine hp 7.5-liter 0.357, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and horsepower 4.7-liter engine's 305 V8, Jeep Grand Cherokee potential standard. Optional turbo, horsepower 3.7-liter V6 is equipped with a 310 RAL's) are provided. All models are delivered with 5-speed automatic transmission. Unfortunately, Grand Cherokee, you are also known to work less well, V6, and RAL turbo If you go to will hurt your wallet at the pump standard.

You have a big budget for this type of gas, Grand Cherokee, SUV always if you are used to represent off-road. Considering the focus on high-end SUV, the Grand Cherokee and the second appeal, continue to improve comfort on the road to add - if you pay CRD turbo-diesel in particular. You, the SUV as an option if you're in the market, while adding some extra pocket model of the machine, the average off-road, but you may have to wait for freedom

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