Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hong Kong minibus Sun

Speeding up and down throughout the year as the car moves from one location to another location, minibuses and easy way to cheaper, to any person. Truck can carry the maximum number of passengers with 16 seats. The small size, it is considered the fastest and most efficient transportation solution. In Asia, every day hundreds of thousands of people riding in pickup trucks or in another city. Listen to the van when it was signed, to pay the ticket, come on, and after reaching its destination: the process is very simple.

In Asia, especially Hong Kong, two types of vans, known as the green and red minibuses, minibus, there. Both green and red minibuses are creamy body color of green and red on the outside roof. In the past, I was using a Toyota Coaster and is now in order to reduce air pollution from these Toyota coaster, also provide a cart of vegetables and IVECO DAILY.


It is well known in Hong Kong minibus, public light bus. The first public light buses in 1969 to regulate the illegal operation of buses now. In 1976, public buses and light weapons at the end of 2009, 4350, that number was reduced to the total number of 4349.

Zebras often called the car the first public light bus, black and white checkered band. Zebra This car has the ability to perform not more than nine passengers. In 1988, zebra red car was designed with the ability to carry 14 passengers, was designed to change this number was later increased to 16.

Hong Kong government introduced a vehicle for the red and green minibuses in 1972. They are one of my coaches and minibuses red console carts of vegetables, according to the requirements of the transportation routes and prices, you can adjust the tariff. Way of 350 consistent service in accordance with the specific date for this green track.

End of 2009, the total number of red minibuses in Hong Kong in 1372. These red buses, compared to the green bus and people from Hong Kong usually prefer to travel in a green bus, very friendly and there for visitors.

A brief history of fans in Asia, especially Hong Kong, and more. Pickup trucks are usually the easiest and most effective for travel from one destination to another. Pickup trucks compared with other modes of transportation available and accessible.

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