Sunday, June 5, 2011

Volvo XC60 Review

The stylish and elegant and stylish sport, 4x4 is not the usual words you associate with - 4x4 and you are very likely to be used to describe itself in no time. This is the emergence of the Volvo XC60.

Family entertainment practical off-roader market, after examining the company, asking the auto industry to adapt their style to appeal to a wide range, varying degrees of success. Several cross 4x4/MPV please, others are more concerned about image and the SUV. unsleek also large sophisticated sports coupe with the results of a luxury car manufacturer attempts ugly SUV trying to convert, there was also!

In contrast to many of the SUV, XC60 is Volvo, even to maintain, could be an increase in fine lines and rough edges of the hole and the weight of your real estate fraternity. In fact, you are in a position to accept a hug the road, XC60 is displayed instead of reducing, and undoubtedly an expensive sport if the property is. Volvo is "emotional" style calls.

Cabin Comfort

I exaggerated the XC60's interior is not to blame. It is a new modem, all on the elegant and simple. Anthracite is perfect, it looks like some boring and oppression in our cars, for example, from the bright white contrast stitching and trim the bottom half of the test, apply a little more classy templates to lift it, Volvo Air operations are performed intelligently. We can expect nothing less from a Swedish design.

Axis is already Volvo "floating point" center, in the case of bright metal finish, the console is definitely known. At first glance reveals almost - case in point is the human form of the air - it provides a set of controls placed logically and clearly. Previously, the on-screen navigator CD slot in the same plane of life, musical instruments, and when located, easy to spot a clearer image without scanning the focus slightly to reduce reflections on glass an overview.

Size - only two - to provide the necessary information through the ring and analog applications (the word), and supplemental information that is stored in the location of the digital "floating point" directory. Chronographic is expected to resist the tendency to be happy with them, you can decorate them with lots of fancy lighting and fancy car maker Volvo Far normal.

In the spirit of the Volvo tradition, the seat support has been provided in the form of adaptation, such as comfortable with the previous one. Feet back, contoured seat and ride comfort and well being, if Ino Hiroshi three adults comfortably provide the size, has a rational. The cooling time is 40:20:40, touch release lever to give equal rights to load when running on.

Building climate control, heated / liquidation of the internal space with fresh air and Borubopakkukarisu flexibility and a score for an innovative cooling air purification system (actually, just once) to give .

Driving dynamics

5-cylinder engine, since it is part of emotion, and made to answer, "4", which is almost the same "6" is less smooth, as smooth and striking oil burner. However, once heated D5 diesel, a sport mode and manual intervention, regular six-speed transmission Geartronic transmission that provides a live performance is very good.

Initially was thought to be extended to almost a few miles faster and is more responsive, it was later. Speed-sensitive help, a standard or optional, depending inches depending on the model of an annex of consumer choice

Under the front-wheel drive system according to the redistribution of torque through a computer controlled hydraulic clutch to change the grip is available under normal conditions. Volvo tractor, is designed to help kick soon Hazime Hiraku forever. Riding is very (XC60's X3 is BMW is probably standard) that is difficult, many defects are better assessment in accordance with a bite first, the way it is, the acquisition and processing of vehicles provided.

The Volvo City Safety helps avoid low-speed accident, a collision warning and automatic braking, cruise away to deal with alerts, run at higher speeds. Dar sector will detect blind spots. LDW and DAC in the hallway to try to stop sleeping or out, while dealing with complex situations, IDIS leadership delayed phone calls. And these systems are , can be taken together with the known safety of the Volvo design and engineering support to assist and dynamic stability  Sada Yasushi . Oh, and Park Assist ...

Withdrawal of the effectiveness

90 Weight intranasal administration, Volvo offers the perfect platform for the withdrawal of many mirrors which mirror angle straight edge offers a sufficient margin to accommodate the most appropriate convoys.

Departure is softened by the automatic transmission in the XC60, the change in time, the time and 14.5 miles per hour for 60-00 seconds, which proved to be alive ... will begin to smooth as much as Hill . I have a very urban, clothing and safety reasons and quiet of the city, 30 hours - 6.1 miles per hour for 50 seconds in. good condition other traffic hazards, held in rare cases, a normal car, look at the right gear.

The guidelines are sometimes environment, twisty tight is a little heavy, but better at high speeds so that you can feel the city, accurate and smooth and responsive, and Volvo felt complete control of the chain on its narrow streets time. A manual transmission can be useful down rapidly, a very different braking systems, driver assistance comes relief.

Highway and now directly on the XC60, despite very windy day test application and the deviation from the line than some of the heavy trucks and buses belonging to the actual number of hits seen.

Comfort in all situations, the foul little reaction to the administration of the convoy XC60 prosperity and humidity, all tracks in the very worst that jurisdiction.


Never thought of as very moment, still a tall blonde in a computer SUV, attractive, blonde, Sweden

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