Saturday, June 18, 2011

Volvo Maintenance

I check once a month for my car have to do! The liquid is an important part of Volvo. The top row of all fluids, make sure that the right systems and automotive lubricants. Radiator coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid and oil, and flexible steering fluid and automatic transmission, fluid connectors, hydraulic fluid levels of care. The last three are in most cars, but may not apply to people who have it, it is important to maintain properly.

Coolant leakage is common automotive radiator hose is weak or old. Find a radiator hose in your car, cracks and rough do not see the parts and tear. If you need to be replaced soon. CBS, check whether the hose when the engine is cold and brittle. You can also check, make sure that the brackets can not convert hose. There should be a wet hose. If so, you can tighten or clamp, or replace.

Please check the belt and Volvo. It is very important to control the cutting or dividing the belt is very difficult. Belt is located in front of the machine in general. Typically, the number of belts depends on the car itself. These fans, air conditioners, generators, water pumps and pump works with smoke. Please click on the long side of the thumb between the pulley belt. To check belt tension, audit documentation that came with the car. Please check that the same voltage. If not, please replace them.

Your machine is the most important part of the car, is also important to treat properly. Between now and then, open the hood, please look at the machine. You can find more for leaks for you. If they do not finish with one fluid leaks, please check. See the bottom of the car with the engine, please use the roads. Please make sure that nothing is attached to the water.

There are other things you can do to make your Volvo in top condition for you. Indicate the end of the cable car battery corrosion, and ensure that all lights are in good condition, start your car and sometimes food, make sure that the sound is good. Please check your tire pressure regularly and regions. In the absence of tires, glass, please check with your fingernail or a disease.

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